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  1. Hi everyone, I need advise on getting some diamonds graded by GIA. In the past year I have purchased several small diamonds (a few a little less than one carat and most smaller than .35 carat) from different small jewelry shops downtown, so I do not have an official invoice for them, based on my knowledge these are good quality diamonds. I live in Mexico City and I am interested in getting my diamonds graded by GIA in order to sell them locally. The closest lab is in Carlsbad, California, so I am wondering what the best way is to get my diamonds to GIA. I have called FedEx and UPS and apparently they do not ship diamonds to/from Mexico internationally, and GIA does not ship to Mexico at all (I confirmed this by email and by phone directly with GIA), thus I am thinking that the best way is to fly them personally to California or to drive to Texas and ship them to GIA since it is cheaper than going all the way to California, even flying to Tijuana (city bordering with San Diego) and renting a car to go across the border. I have tried to do some research on the US customs procedures for loose diamonds and apparently there is no import duty into the US for loose diamonds, the thing is I really don't want to get in trouble with US Customs and getting my diamonds confiscated, or having them thinking that I am smuggling diamonds into the US when I only want to get them graded and return them to Mexico City. Can anyone provide advice on this procedure? I am unsure of how the customs part works, how to let them know that I am only taking the diamonds for grading, if I have to pay an import duty or not, if there is a limit on how many diamonds I can take or the maximum value of the diamonds (as you know diamond appraisal can be subjective when there is no grading report available). These are about 30 small sized diamonds, 25 of them between .20 and .30 carat, 4 of them between .50 and one carat and 1 1.3 carat. Thanks in advance.