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  1. #Jewelry_Knowledge

    Buying An Engagement Ring - Any feedback appreciated

    Rightly explained by above two replies - Little drop on clarity side will open up more choice to go higer on Color to E/F and exact Carat. Setting & making is much cheaper here in Dubai or in India around $600 - $800
  2. #Jewelry_Knowledge

    Clean your Diamonds especially in your engagement ring

    Friends - Jewellery is your passion preserve it delicately, simple way for daily wearable diamond rings- when you brush your teeth just keep separate old brush to clean your ring by brushing using toothpaste and rinsing well with water !! Trust me it works well, just try to dry it using hairdryer leaving no water on metal.
  3. #Jewelry_Knowledge

    Thoughts on ring ?

    Hi ! Ring is beautiful, technical QC can't be commented by Photos. Best If you are happy just don't ask others opinion - enjoy