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  1. This would be put in a Solitaire setting for an engagement ring. I have been able to see the diamond in person and it appears to be eye clean (have not looked under microscope yet). My concern is with the cloud on the table. How much are these clouds affecting the diamond?
  2. Looking at it for about $5k Carat Weight 1.04 carat Color Grade F Clarity Grade SI1 Cut Grade Very Good PROPORTIONS Depth 62.6 % Table 54 % Crown Angle 36.5° Crown Height 17.0% Pavilion Angle 40.4° Pavilion Depth 42.5% Star Length 45% Lower Half 75% Girdle Thin to Medium, Faceted, 3.0% Culet None FINISH Polish Very Good Symmetry Good FLUORESCENCE Fluorescence None CLARITY CHARACTERISTICS Clarity Characteristics Cloud, Crystal, Needle Key To Symbols Cloud Crystal Needle COMMENTS Additional clouds are not shown. Pinpoints are not shown. IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS GIA does not make any representations