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    Buying An Engagement Ring - Any feedback appreciated

    I apologize. Yes i purchased the band from James Allen as well. It is a rose gold 14k halo. The diamond was $4,620 and the setting was $1,200 so total of $5,820. I wanted something near colorless so i chose G based on internet research. I chose IF because the others i were looking around the same price but higher color were a lower clarity and had imperfections. However, after purchasing i read that most imperfections arent noticable to the naked eye. Did i spend too much to get IF clarity? i feel as if i should have went down on clairty at least to VVS2 from what i have seen on research. Excuse my ignorance as i know nothing about diamonds other than what i have read online the past few days.
  2. Hey guys,I am brand new to the site and am seeking feedback on the ring i purchased. My girlfriend wanted an oval diamond with a yellow gold band. She does not care about size, so i got .9 carat rather than going to a full carat. Does this look okay, or should i look to get something else. James Allen said i could cancel my order if i found something i liked better. I should have asked for advice before purchasing but am seeking some now. I have done a little research but do not know much at all so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Here is a link of my diamond. Let me know what you think. Thanks.