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  1. nazzri

    Thoughts on ring ?

    7213469351 GIA report. It is made by Jacque Fine Jewellery in Sydney. What do you guys think the ring would be worth?
  2. nazzri

    Thoughts on ring ?

    Hey guys, i purchased a ring for my girlfriend and wanted to know youre thoughts ? its a 1.2 ct, E SI2.
  3. nazzri

    Advice Please !

    Thanks for the reply! I am not too sure about the cut of the diamond to be honest, and i would have no clue on how to even tell. The setting is made by a company called Lauren B in New york. I don't know too much but did a search and they seem pretty good. I did search and it does seem of good value to what I have found out but thats why i came here to see what you seasoned pros think haha
  4. nazzri

    Advice Please !

    Hey guys, need some advice please. I'm looking to purchase this engagement ring, it is 1.02 carat, Color D and VS2. It is set in a 14k halo band with diamonds along the edge. i have attached the GIA report GIA #5182129695. I'm wondering if you guys think around $8000 AUD is a good deal or would i be better off getting a diamond separately and doing the whole process myself? What do you guys think of the diamond itself? Thanks