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  1. Thank you all for the replies. I am still trying to educate myself and I am very appreciative .
  2. Beautiful! never worn ! Maker's Mark : AV 72 pearls ( notice the 72 on the back) Multiple diamonds $20K
  3. Thank you for the reply. I plan to find a jeweller soon to check it out. I have been doing some research on rubies as well. I have been getting a diamond result on multiple tester. And this is my first tester so I thought just maybe I'm doing something wrong with the testing. The color pulled me away from the thought of diamond. And then I saw this and I held the ring to pick up light behind it from the tablet I was searching on , I wanted to try to get the ring and the stone on screen To be as close to the same as possible. The earrings on last pic , the gold looks like the band of the ring. I never knew that so many varieties were out there.
  4. Hi. Im new here, really new, about 10 mins new. Wondering , what is wrong with that post? Unless some have already been deleted that I didn't see , I can't see what's wrong. It's not a commercial ad ( as in a company/store promotion) , it was her ad, to be contacted via the email address she gave. Maybe it was the name " diamonds of Manchester" that leads to the thought of it being a store/business. I have something I would like to post but now Im Confused about it. How would I go about it? Thanks
  5. Hi, Found this forum via Google. I have a ring and the diamond tester reads it as Diamond. I've tried to educate myself about it before I decide to sale ( if it's valuable) and cheat myself on an amount OR ask for more than it's worth and cheat a buyer. About the ring- 14k redstone and a smaller clear diamond as well. I hope to get opinions and more self education . Photos : #1 normal/low lighting #2-3 sitting on a filtered light to show stone #4 under black light there are initials inside the bank " WHS" ( I found no info on that ) Thanks so much
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