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  1. Pyramid

    Please help me, unsure...

    Remember to give your diamond a good clean at least once a week. The pavillion meaning the bottom facets set in the basket is the most important to clean, use a soft toothbrush and some detergent. A toothbrush which has never been used as toothpast is an abrasive and will scratch your ring.
  2. Pyramid

    Is this SI2?

    Just a consumer but have been a beginner in buying diamond before and so wanted to alleviate one worry. Yes you can have black inclusions centre in a stone, it is how easily it is seen with the naked eye which counts, the size and relief which counts as the grade. Lots of consumers say they would not buy a stone with a black inclusion. I have very good eyesight for seeing inclusions, can even see SI1 white inclusions with my eye when I know where they are although the diamond is a GIA SI1. I own a diamond under 1 carat which is a G VS2 GIA it has a small black inclusion under the table but not centre, there is no way I can see it with the naked eye although it is very black under a loupe. So don't let the black colour put you off if it is invisible. However at SI2 I believe it is possible to see some inclusions with the naked eye depending on your eyesight, how close you are looking, in which light, is light behind you as I found that makes a difference and I can easily see with light behind my head e.g. before an upstairs window getting light from the sky. A lot of it though has to do with knowing where the inclusion is prior in the ring and then you are focusing on that spot of the diamond. Other people would not see it unless they are told in some cases.
  3. Pyramid

    Pricescope Biased?

    I know this post is old, however I am a recent banned from Pricescope but I don't feel the need to say anything nasty about the board as I said what I felt whilst online. I felt sorry for a poster who spends all their time online and I felt was promoting diamonds for vendors. I now realise and did before I was banned but never wrote back to say so, my own fault, that cusstomers promoting businesses and giving them money, which in my mind was thousands as diamonds are not cheap, is okay. I just find it weird how in my country people buy a carrier bag for 5p because they need it and turn it inside out as they are not going to freely advertise the company when they had to pay for the bag. I find that such a minor thing to somone sitting online everyday and promoting a company which may be make 20 x $9000 sales from her, per day/night, and such a contrast, not to mention this person has spent years of her own life doing so for nothing but satisfaction or hobby. I noticed many of the posters agreed that this was what consumer forums were for, including a long term, very educated from her posts Aljdewey whose opinion I have very much respected in the past as she seems to be able to weigh up things and give all inclusive excellent answers. I had therefore sort of in my head corrected my misgiving in that I still believe it to be wrong from a personal point of someone spending so much time but that it is something people do and as long as they know they are doing it and not being cohearsed into it, then it is okay. However I was banned when I went back to the forum a couple of days later, so, so be it. I will not say anything more on Pricescope whilst I am here. I don't see the point I do not think they are biased I just think the public need to educate themselves and if they realise money is being made but they believe helping other public comes before that then that is good. As far as the piling on effect on boards, this happens in real life anyway in a room of friends or even just two friends they will support the main view of friends present. No need worry we all have a choice and there are other consumer forums on the internet too if you do get banned. So I hope to spend some time on this board and gain more education which I have already done as I notice posts here about I1 diamonds not being so bad depending that they are really I1 from a reputable seller or reputable lab.