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  1. Ha Ha the page was not allowing me to post a comment for some reason. It kept forcing me to attach. So I posted Mr. Franklin for a test. I am still looking for a diamond by the way. Getting totally burned out on the search. Penny saved penny earned?
  2. I've spoke with a rep at Four Mine on the phone and via the chat function. Both times they were curt and very salesy. Does anyone have any purchase experience good or bad that you could share with me? Thank you in advance.
  3. @denverappraiser, so these stones can be attained by most dealers in most cases for the same cost? What diamond data base?
  4. Thanks David, The pictures really helped.
  5. My budget is 6k total. I mainly wanted to know that I could trust Four Mine if I decide to move forward. Would I be better off finding a different company for the setting. I get the feeling they are not stellar in that department. Just from the limited adverse reviews. Or do you have different advice on that?
  6. Thanks guys, I am buying one ring for one person- no intentions of doing anything other than that. My goal is to blow her away! She has no idea I'm on the hunt and we have been together a looooong time. I found this below, only thing is that it says "internal graining is not shown." I have no idea... https://www.fourmine.com/shop/diamond/2826190222?utm_source=diamondreview&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=diamondreview2018
  7. Hello All, As I'm very new to this realm of collecting and trading, I need some advice. I've never purchased a diamond however do collect time pieces(watches) and understand that hobby quite well. That being said, I've put in about 40 hours of digging online to learn as much as I can about the diamond trade. At this point I really still don't know much compared to a trained professional. I want to stretch my budget and impress for around 5500. I was thinking of buying an ~1.5 Carat, L Color, Excellent cut/finish/symmetry with an eye clean appearance. I plan on a rose gold setting. It seems like Four Mine is the only company that can deliver a GIA diamond at this price. Are they reputable among veteran buyers? Every review of the company I come across seems homogeneous, disingenuous and the reviews don't tend to be very descriptive. This makes me weary. Typically I ask a forum when I hit this sort of road block. Also, is this a good buying plan? Call me crazy, I like the off color diamonds and with rose gold it should look great right?
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