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  1. It's finally arrived guys!!!! leme know what you think
  2. This is the setting I plan to use 1) I think it's called under halo? Will the diamonds at the bottom/side help make diamond look bigger/ better? It seems like the underhalo can't be seen from the top so I was just wondering why some would prefer the halo to be under
  3. Got it!! I'm going to go with gut + my eyes + all your feedback! emerald it is!!! I just also realised she's a size 4. So it should be big enough!thank you so much guys! I'll send pics soon!
  4. Should work now hehe
  5. Sorry the resolution when transferred here isn't too good.
  6. Btw, how do i give rep points for everyone whos helped me out? haha!
  7. Thank yOu so much everyone im 80% set on the emerald. Largely due to the vote of confidence regarding it. Just one one last thing before I make the decision here is the video of the cushion... do lef me know your comments positive and negative
  8. Thank you so much David! I found the emerald really really good too! Only thing Ong holding me back is the size. Would you say it is of decent size size for an emerald? (Though I know size is very subjective haha)
  9. Hi laurent So good to hear from you again and thank you for once again helping me out. I did much much more research now and understand things a little more. I personally went to the store and they both passed. That made it harder to choose between ththe two because both were great in their own different way. Its really a matter of what I think she would like more. I guess i just just need to see both one more time before choosing anything. Based on what's on paper when pice, would you have any comments though?
  10. Thank you so much! I think I will go for it! just wondering, what do you mean by not cleaned, Like eye clean? it just has some dirt that needs to be wiped Im trying to find a way to upload a video as I want to get some inputs on the brilliance and fire (Or is it possible to tell from the pic)
  11. Background: planning to propose, gfs said in the past she likes cushion, but also likes emerald (but only if its big coz it's nothing special when it's small - 1.5 at least?) i understand its two completly different diamonds, one has a lot of bling, the other is subtle...but she's crazy and Moody like that haha! (Aren't they all) I've looked quite a bit of options of both styles and I think I am more or less set with either of these two. I am am really torn between the two, so I want to get other people's feedback and comment DIAMOND 1: CUSHION MODIFIED BRILLIANT (hybrid)- G VS2 new question: any comments on the fire and brilliance i DIAMOND 2: EMERALD 1.4 F VS2 not exactly a 1.5 but do you guys think it's okay enough for a size 5 finger?
  12. Any tips and shops?