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  1. Any tips and shops?
  2. Can anyone recommend any good places to buy diamond in hongkong?
  3. Haha please do sound like my mom! Haha this is my problem, ive only read things about it, but really dont knw how to figure out whats good. ;-( Thanks for your suggestions and will start working from that.
  4. I guess most important, is to have a good quality cut ring, that sparkles/ Should at least be clean from the naked eye, and well I guess at the very least bigger than a 1.3C.
  5. Thanks guys. to be honest, I chose them based on their stats. (How big, and well cut it is) -im really clueless to these things and they all look the same to me! Haha. ive heard that an H is usually more than good enough and the clarity, can go to vvs since it won't be seen with the naked eye. So I figure, invest in size and cut. I guess to better answer the questions and so its easier for you guys to help me out, Ive attached a photo of what I saw on her Pinterest could you help me figure out what to look out for to match what she likes? (This looks like a square-ish cushion??) What particular cushion cut it is, etc (size wise I know she wants a 1.3 at least, 1.5 realistically, and 2.0 preferable)
  6. Oh man thank you so much guys! Its definitely more complicated than I thought. Looking at these i think I might just buy at a store vs online. It's more important for me to get a good quality ring, though and hoping to get at least 1.5C what do you think is a realistic budget?
  7. Hi Guys! so am looking at buying through james allen, and am looking at these three diamonds. Could I get any comments and suggestions? My budget is at about 8-9K USD really really really really pushing it lol Now Im guessing the most expensive is the best one, 1) but is it really much better than the rest, or are the others better value for money? 2) If the Symmetry and Polish are excellent, does this automatically mean the diamond will shine bright and is well cut? or are there other factors to it? OPTION 1: USD 8,990 OPTION 2: USD 7500 OPTION 3: USD 8,340