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  1. Karolis Ma

    Some feedback please

    Gents, thank you very much for your time! Will go for lower color and better cut:) Have a lovely week! K
  2. Karolis Ma

    Some feedback please

    Hi all, Could some one be so kind and give me some feedback on the ring below? The proportion side would be interesting, will it fire, sparkle enough? Is there big difference between E and VG cut? Should I drop to SI2 and go for E cut? VG E E - GIA certificate. Many thanks, Karolis ROUND BRILLIANT Measurements 4.81 - 4.85 x 3.10 mm Carat Weight 0.46 carat Colour Grade E Clarity Grade SI1 Cut Grade Very Good PROPORTIONS Depth 64.3 % Table 58 % Crown Angle 37.0° Crown Height 16.0% Pavilion Angle 41.0° Pavilion Depth 43.5% Star Length 50% Lower Half 80% Girdle Slightly Thick to Thick, Faceted, 5.0% Culet None FINISH