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  1. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    amazing, thank you so much for the honest opinion. I will definitely make sure this one gets a graded. This is very exciting!
  2. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    A video if you are interested in seeing a 360
  3. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    thank you for posting, so does the same apply for a grading of pinkish or blueish? I read somewhere that the color has to be 1/4 pink to be considered pinkish and 1/2 pink to be considered Pink.
  4. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    I appreciate the feedback, I truly am passionate about diamonds so I am looking to learn as much as I can about them. Is there a way you can tell by eye if the evenness in color/tone is acceptable? the first image has been enhanced but it shows the clarity of the color in this stone.
  5. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    The Orange pinkish diamond has a strong cornflower blue. It tends to make the stone look less yellow in sunlight and more pink. Would that have a positive or a negative impact? Thank you for helping me with all of my questions!
  6. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    I was thinking about sending the pear that I have which is Pinkish brown or even Orangy pink in some lighting. It has a high level of fluorescence to it however. When it comes to browns or pinks, does fluorescence diminish the value %15?
  7. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    I will absolutely be posting, thank you so much for the help! I definitely look forward to seeing the final color grade!
  8. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    this is very helpful, Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to look at the pics I have posted. I will send to GIA asap and then decide on the setting.
  9. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    I'm glad that you can see the blue in the last pic. I have taken video of it while moving it so that you can see the different intensities of blue as the light passes through at different points. I am hoping so sell it. I was thinking about putting it in a setting. The color of a diamond can't be %100 confirmed with a photo. Something can, however, be done for reflections in photos to be minimized. Would a mini photo room be useful? Or even something beside the diamond for comparison in the shot?
  10. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    This is a view of the crown with light facing in behind the girdle.
  11. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    This is good news! It does happen to be of natural origin, but then again not confirmed by GIA yet. It is also untreated and I think I know the country it was mined in. GIA would be able to confirm this I hope.
  12. Dark Blueish-Gray diamond color?

    Hi, I always see this blue color coming through (besides the sky reflection) in this 1.2ct brilliant round dark gray diamond. It has 0 black inclusions even at 10x, but there is this translucent blue cloud enveloping most of it. It has 0 to little fluorescence. Is is this Fancy Dark Gray worth the time to send it to GIA?