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  1. Thank you very very much, I appreciate all your help for me .. even I am very disappointed at least I learned. I just thinking to go to there store and ask about the ring Now I know they give me the cheapest stone with the same price of the good one. It breaks my heart cause this is the present for myself and I though I choose the best one.
  2. Thank you davidelevi for the answer of all my questions and I send you the picture of the ring, this is a round diamond weight no less than 1.00ct. Hallmarked.
  3. Hello, I want to know if I don’t pay over price for my ring. I bought a ring from Michael Hill, Australia last December 2016. And I want to know all about this ring shape/cut: Round Brilliant measurement: 6.44 - 6.41 x 4.00 weight: 1k color grade: I clarity grade: I1 polish/ symmetry: very good/ good cut grade: Excellent treatment: none I purchased $9,014 AU this is a 18k white gold and 1k diamond
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