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  1. Thank you so much for your feedback!
  2. Thank you! Can I just check, though - does the report sound like it should be a fairly nice stone? Because we are so new at diamonds wanted to be sure it didn't sound like we'd been taken in and there weren't any big red flags.
  3. Thank you! Really good to hear!
  4. Hello, I've been enjoying the wonderfully helpful comments on this site and finding it much less harsh than others I've been browsing. We ordered my engagement ring recently, now being set, and realised after purchasing that we hadn't done enough research into what all the measurements and scoring mean. I don't think we did badly, I think it's a nice ring, GIA triple excellent, and looked good to us in the store, but having since checked HCA (it got a 3.6) and read some criticism of steeper crowns, i'm a little worried in case we might have rushed into it. We paid I think a pretty fair price, including the beautiful platinum setting it was £1980 from the jewellery quarter, so a shop but not high street. (I really want to be able to relax and look forward to picking up the ring and stop obsessing over measurements I don't understand!) thanks in advance! It's GIA triple excellent Carat Weight 0.56 carat Colour Grade F Clarity Grade SI2 Cut Grade Excellent PROPORTIONS Depth 62.3 % Table 55 % Crown Angle 36.0° Crown Height 16.0% Pavilion Angle 40.8° Pavilion Depth 43.0% Star Length 45% Lower Half 80% Girdle Medium, Faceted, 3.0% Culet None FINISH Polish Excellent Symmetry Excellent FLUORESCENCE Fluorescence None CLARITY CHARACTERISTICS Clarity Characteristics Cloud INSCRIPTION(S) GIA 6231463283