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  1. Yeah, I was smelling BS since I've not read anyone saying something like that online during my research. Unfortunately, by the time I get back from my trip it would be past the 30 return period but I'll probably still get it appraise for peace of mind.
  2. Thanks for the response denverappraiser! Put my mind at ease quite a bit. Most of my research after seeing the GIA report said to make sure the GIA report was recent, on this site and others, there usually wasn't anything that said "except if you buy it from so and so" so I wasn't sure if I should expect differently from Cartier. There wasn't anything I could find online related to Cartier and GIA reports so my post here is mainly trying to gain more knowledge and to put my mind at ease. I really appreciate your response on this. Sorry, I was unclear about what they said about older reports. They didn't say older reports were better, they just kept bringing up the fact that 2011 was "a good year for GIA reports", something about the standards for the reports around that time are better than they are today. However, this was the first time I've heard this and never saw it mentioned when I was doing research on engagement rings. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate the time and response.
  3. Hi guys, I recently purchase an engagement ring from Cartier. Planning to propose to my gf on our upcoming trip. I just picked up the GIA report yesterday from the store and when I got home I notice that it was from Dec 2011. I did some research and found two related threads on here (linked below). In both cases it seemed to say that I should get it appraised or return it. Since I fly out tomorrow I don't have time to go get it appraise, so I tried this morning to go have it exchanged to see if I can find something with a newer GIA report. When I got there they told me this was normal because they buy loose diamonds to set and provided me with a couple GIA reports of other rings they have in the store with old dates (of course I have my suspicion about them specifically picking reports with older dates). I still felt a bit suspicious since they seem to be pushing very hard for me to keep the ring instead of showing me other rings like I originally wanted to do. They told me Cartier doesn't sell used items and that they guarantee my ring is new. So my question is this normal? Is it common for brand name stores like Cartier to have new rings with GIA reports that are years old? They even told me that GIA reports back then are better than the ones now so it's common for them to get diamonds that are certified back then? Also, before someone chimes in about it I'm totally aware that I'm paying a premium for a brand name so that's not what I'm asking about. Price: $20,700 (before tax) Specs (Ring Style: Cartier Destinee):
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