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    Help me identify this radiant! :) good luck! :)

    hahaha Mr Levi.. I'm actually 2 minded about bow ties.. ive seen some really pretty marquise bow ties.. they grow on you, Love your site, I was tempted to ask about the color parcel before I read that it was broken up.. haha, Shana Tova for the upcoming year.. Regards, Irfaan
  2. Irfaan Lapstar

    Help me identify this radiant! :) good luck! :)

    Thank you Mr Beaty for all the input, much appreciated kind Sir.. Take care , hopefully we'll chat a lot more on here.. Regards, Irfaan
  3. Irfaan Lapstar

    Help me identify this radiant! :) good luck! :)

    Hi Mr Beaty.. Thank you for your reply Sir, It's a cut-cornered modified square brilliant. -cut cornered - check. modified square brilliant - not so check .. there's no chevrons or standard princess cut on the pavilion, which is the reason that I'm so thrilled!! its like I'm holding a piece of history here.. the real deal , the genuine article! 'Radiant' is a brand name that for obvious reasons gets incorrectly used to describe those, and you clearly know that too. It's the same reason all facial tissues are known as Kleenex even though that's a specific brand. Are you asking if there are other tradenames or euphemisms to consider? - Correctomundo!! ive even gone and asked Mr Grossbard's son, if I could have a copy of the original manuscripts and cutting notes from his father, as a part of me wants to strongly believe that this is a Grossbard original Radiant.. Cut the way the patent meant for it to be cut! to no reply.. which leaves me hunting around , trying to find fellow diamond heads that may know "tradenames or euphemisms" for this cut, as it will allow me to find them easily and even perhaps purchase and collect all of them.. as every one else seems thrilled that a radiant is just a princess with cut corners.. :/ I also seem to think that this is an original radiant since the pavilion cut , does just that.. it radiates all reflections from the center outward.. If I had offices in New York I would have drove to Denver Sir.. this goes slightly deeper than fire and brilliance and sparkly wedding bell type things.. Appreciate you taking your time to join me on this search.. and replying to me in such a down to earth straight cut manner.. ! :)) .. hehe, makes me feel like I actually may know something haahhaha .. warm regards, Irfaan
  4. Irfaan Lapstar

    Help me identify this radiant! :) good luck! :)

    Hi Mr Levi.. aaah finally.. a frikken diamond head!! :)) mahn if I tell you ive been asking around ever since I have this diamond.. to no answers..!! ok I'm going to reply to you in stages, hope that is ok.. "It looks like a pretty standard radiant to me. I may be wrong, but the specific pattern of the pavilion's cut has no name beyond "radiant" - which at one point was a patented cut pattern. " - Correct!! , that's what I imagined all radiants pavilion's cut to be, hence what sets it apart from other cuts, since you right again, the original radiant was patented by a mr Henry Gossbard if I'm not mistaken?. So I had the absolute pleasure of buying this diamond.. and was so impressed but the intracacies of the pavilion cut, I was not satisfied.. I want a bigger one.. so alas my search started.. scoured James Allen even.. and every radiant had a princess bottom.. ofcourse even with chevrons, which is run of the mill to my disappointment.. Futher.. after reading about Henry Grossbard.. I proceeded to his , now son's , site.. only to find .. more cut cornered princess's.. so eventually after much frustration at looking at every diamond on his site.. I ended up emailing him asking for his dad's original notes and manuscripts on the cut, as I'm convinced that this had to be an original grossbard cut.. and well.. no reply.. I may be wrong again, but it's the one displayed schematically here - it's quite tough to figure it out from the photos; if you could ask for a couple of shots of the stone face down under diffused light it may help: - will work on the pics for you Sir , wish you could see the facets in person though.. its breath-taking! Hope this helps, but I don't think there is a way of searching specifically for that cutting pattern (and GIA has been known to print reports with wrong patterns!) - Surely after an industry being around for this many years GIA could state the different cuts correctly.. ie. rose cut, single cut, brilliant, princess,radiant,ariealla.. etc. etc. I'm on a ware path recently with GIA, they tell you that a stone has 'none' culet.. yet don't comment that the culet is abraded or chipped.. becoming a bunch of slackers.. Toda Davide for joining me on this search Sir.. much appreciated Regards, Irfaan
  5. Hi guys, i have a 0.34 Radiant D VS2, Please see attached pics and certs.. Does anyone know the name or type of cut on the bottom as i am looking for other radiants that have the same cut.. Please dont steal the pictures. thanks. Thanking you, Irfaan Hassan