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  1. Thank you very much It was just curiosity really but yes in the big scheme of things it doesn't matter.
  2. Hi all. Wondering what you think of my new ring. It's second hand but that doesn't bother me as it meant my fiancé was able to pick something that usually we'd be unable to afford. The first ring we chose from a high street store here in the UK had to go back in a matter of days due to a stone dropping. This is 14K white gold, 65ct (for the central stone) and I imagine perhaps another 20ish for the side stones. Its due to have a valuation service before I pick it up at the weekend. It actually comes from the US apparently so its been hallmarked by the current shop. I'm assuming it would be almost impossible to find out the original seller? Let me know your opinions on the design etc So pleased to be receiving it at the weekend ***Apologies for the poor images, the first was taken on a camera phone in store and the second via the retailer!***
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    Help needed

    Hi all Just after some info on the below ring. What would you say is an approx size of the stone ( I know an actual size wouldn't be possible without seeing it ) I know price would also depend on the colour and clarity but does anyone have an approximate value? (GBP would be great but I can always work it out from $) Thanks!
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