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    Development of desktop devices for refining precious metals at home, cleaning the air of workrooms, frosting at home, separation diamonds from melee, etc.
  1. I "taught" diamonds to swim in the rising stream of water and now I am looking for a practical application to this effect. In my opinion, interest can arise at sorting bulk of breakout scrap diamonds from simulans (e.g. CZ's). I also think that geometrical similarity of one kind diamonds cutting can be used for separation defective gems because pressure of water for their floating up must be differed.In addition, at in-depth research, it is possible to find a relationship between the rate of gems lifting and how correctly is a diamond faceted.
  2. Dear Ron, I was interested in your post "What is the best way to sort melee diamonds of all colors, clarity and sizes?" About this problem, I accidentally found out on the Internet in March of this year, when I was developing design of the Device for freezing CZ's without harmful hydrofluoric acid (see my eBay According to your post, you sort the gems obtained as a result of dissolution of jewelry in Aqua Regia with subsequent treatment of gems with hydrofluoric acid. I am also familiar with this process very well (see my eBay Conceptually, I have already decided the problem of sorting CZ's from diamond melee. This is a simple desktop Device, where the water separates stones. It works and sorts diamonds from CZ's by 100%. According to your message, you want to separate 2500 carats at a time. To do this, you need to design and test the Device with batch of 500 g of stones. If diamond bulk density is approximately 2 g /cc, the loading should be approx. 1 cup. Compare, now I'm experimenting with one teaspoon. In addition, about a problem with Zircon - ZrSiO4 (d = 4.73 g / cc) and Moissanite - (d = 3.21-3.22 g / cc), I learned only from the text of your post. Thus, for scaling of the process, it is are necessary to make experiments. However, I do not have and will not have enough material without your participation in the project. About me: I am a researcher and I have been engaged in design of chemical and hydromechanical processes for many years. I'm PhD of Chemical Engineering. If you wish, I show you my Diplomas, Scientific Articles, and Patents. For the last 7 years, I have been developing and selling desktop devices for extracting precious metals by non-professionals in rooms that do not have fume hoods (see my eBay). Serge