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    Insurance questions

    Thank you! I contacted my homeowner's insurance, and simply added it as a "rider" as Laurent suggested. David and Denver, thank you for explaining (exposing? hahaha) the insurance nut. It's amazing to me how everyone, in a very light/indirect way, works against the very best interests of the consumers, the sole exception seems to be the independent appraiser hired and paid for by the consumer. I'm in real estate and it's the same way; real estate agents are in bed with the inspectors, the title officers, the attorneys....
  2. TheOne

    Insurance questions

    Hi, so I bought the ring! I ended up going with a "signature" diamond from Blue Nile. I have a question about insurance. Does a regular renter's insurance policy cover it? Do I need special insurance? I started researching jewelry insurance, but I noticed the price of the insurance is based on the much higher appraisal price, and not on the actual price I paid for it, which makes the insurance more expensive. Is this a scam?
  3. TheOne

    Optimal C's

    Wow, such useful information, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for your help!!!
  4. TheOne

    Optimal C's

    Thanks for the advice, this is all so very tremendously helpful! Following your guidelines, I've narrowed to SI1-SI2 and definitely H color since that's the first letter in her twinkly beautiful name, haha! Since I'm going for the simple solitaire, I think I'm going to buy online. I've been looking at a few stones from James Allen, Blue Nile, and Enchanted Diamonds. The last dealer has good pricing and a nice selection of stones but I've never heard of them before, are they reputable? Should I be considering other dealers? Lastly, a question about prongs. Do those 4 little bitty prongs really hold the diamond in place? I'm petrified about it popping out. My amazing bride-to-be is super athletic and active. Are there other options that are more secure?
  5. TheOne

    Optimal C's

    Hi experts, so I am looking to propose to my long-time girlfriend. She has a big twinkle and needs a big diamond. Problem is, I have a small bankroll. The diamond will be set in a platinum solitaire setting, and I want her to have a big round diamond. How do I go about choosing among the C's to get the biggest diamond, without sacrificing too much on quality as far as the eye can see? I don't need perfection under a microscope, I just want the diamond to look big and sparkly and pretty to a normal person. I don't need D color, but I don't want a yellow dud. I don't need flawless clarity, but I don't want a scratched up piece of junk. Any thoughts or ideas on how to pursue my quest?