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  1. Diamonds don't "need" an exclusivity feeling through limited availability/accessibility. Prices do that much more effectively. Whether the prices are justified is a completely different question, but I'd still prefer to spend $10k for a diamond rather than for a Hermès bag. Also the cost of goods is usually substantially different between the "ephemeral" and jewellery.... To some of your questions at the beginning of the advertorial: How do I sell more diamonds? Not with a pop-up concept, for various reasons (amongst which: not an impulse purchase; level of stock and financing costs verging on the absurd, at least based on how I see demand segmenting itself; no need to promote exclusivity; pop-up model/stock refresh already widely implemented). Same reasons why selling diamonds or jewellery on eBay as a private person - the ultimate pop-up sale? - is extremely difficult. Why don't we see global promotion of diamond jewelry worldwide? Because we do already: James Allen, Blue Nile, Tiffany, Cartier, de Beers, many others keep sending me Google ads. At most it's a problem of targeting (and it's easy to understand how I am mistargeted...) How can diamonds compete with the latest iPhone? They don't. Look at the prices and the use cases. How to attract millennials? Good question, but not one answered. How to finance global generic promotion? Why finance global generic promotion? De Beers almost singlehandedly created mass demand for diamonds from 1945 onwards. Is more awareness effort required? I don't think so, but if it were I wouldn't invest my awareness dollars in promoting the ephemeral nature of pop-up sales. Are we leaving the field open to manufacturers of lab-grown diamonds? Not much to do with advertising, and so far something that has signally failed to change the market structure (unlike what happened with pearls). I'm much more concerned about treatments than synthetics, and I fear that coloured diamonds especially may go the way of rubies or emeralds. Thank you for this very interesting point of view and for taking the time to comment my post. It seems that you are a real “anti pop-upâ€, convinced of the inutility of ephemeral events. Your opinion is precious to me, especially because through your comments I can see a strong passion for our industry (and knowledge). I hope to be able to convince you in the future that pop-ups have some virtues (and part of the future of our industry). May I ask you your profession?
  2. Yes, I am the author. My objective is to get opinions and views from trade people about the concept. If you have 2 minutes, I would like to invite you to read a second article "Real is Rare, Real is a pop-up event": https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/real-rare-pop-up-event-nicolas-chrétien
  3. Yes, the concept is to have an in-store showcase that's rented (like a booth space) and use it to animate the store and drive traffic.
  4. Dear David. I agree with you. Such events cannot be see only as sale-booster (especially for fine jewelry), but mainly as a tool to create visibility to the brand, connect with potential future clients and create in-store animation.
  5. I read an interesting article on LinkedIn about jewelry stores, how to drive traffic and Millennials "Every Jewelry Store Should Have a Pop Up Showcase" https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/every-jewelry-store-should-have-pop-up-showcase-nicolas-chrétien Have you some experience with such events? Francois
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