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  1. Fair enough. I need some assurance in the clarity of the diamond as an SI1 (cloud/crystal/feather) that I cannot determine on my own. I guess I am nervous about it. I have to really identify what I perceive to affect the quality of the diamond more. Having a I diamond, or having an SI1. We both don't have much experience in looking at diamonds so all I am concerned of is its visible upon looking at it in person.
  2. Where does it say i-1? Sorry I don't know what you mean by that
  3. Do you guys think I should be worried about the g/si1 cloudiness? I understand it is more than just a small area on the diamond
  4. Thank you. I requested for the aset. And they provided me with it for the g/si1 http://www.sheetalgroup.com/Details/StoneDetails/?stoneno=FM18613 How does the aset look in your opinion? I'm hoping with the si1 it isn't too cloudy or anything. Does it look clear of any clarity characteristics?
  5. Hi there, thoughts on this diamond? I went a different route with my local guy. G/SI2 (looks pretty clean to me) A) http://www.sheetalgroup.com/Details/StoneDetailsWithoutMaster/?stoneno=FM18613 B http://www.shairugems.net/ViewDna.aspx?Loc=M&StoneID=1253560554&RefNo=BGS-191465&Image=True they are both the same price. Which one do you think has the superior cut? I know only B has an ASET/idealscope
  6. Wow great tips there. Thank you. https://www.jamesallen.com/mobile/loose-diamonds/round-cut/0.91-carat-j-color-vs2-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-2653722 Looking at this diamond. She is ok with J. I was wondering about it being eye clean. I would imagine you could see some of the inclusions if you stared real close to it?
  7. Hi there, Diamond newbie planning to buy online, and budget myself so that I can prepare for myself for what to look for IN PERSON when I go study at shops in the big city. Looking to spend ~4500USD max for a GIA-certified diamond (no band). Cut: Excellent/Ideal (6.25mm face up size, probably 1:1 L:W ratio? -> this is what I read of, have not seen what this looks like with some variance). Cut quality is absolutely the most important thing to me. Color: H-I (no yellow/brown tinge at all for me. This can only be for sure if seen in person?) Clarity: SI1 (hopefully won't matter at carat size and focusing on eye clean) I understand that crown and pavillion angles are opposing, but how do we select for table and depth? I had T: 57-60, and D: 59.5-61.5, C:33-35.5, P:40.3-41.2. So far I am only using Holloway Cut Adviser for light return, fire, scintillation, spread. Can't I just prefer them all if it is <2? . I don't know which of these 4 things is important to her. Other considerations: 1) I hate the idea of having a milky diamond so preferably medium fluorescence at the most? Most have been "none" 2) Placement of inclusions (right at the top of the face is bad?) , what should I look at for 10x magnification photos/360s, or even at just eye-clean viewing? 3) 0.90ct is the lowest I will be going. It can be higher up to 0.99ct if what I compromise does not affect my main focus of choosing a beautiful, shiny , eye clean diamond for her. 4) Girdle: medium to slightly thick : this is what I usually match with....is this an issue? I know not to have it very thick. 5) GIA characteristics report on Clarity: Twinning wisp on the one below. Is this good bad? What if they have 4 characteristics instead of one? I don't understand what any of these words do to the diamond (eye clean , 10x mag) FYI: Her ring size is 5.25, no strong preference on band yet (aria?). Here is an example of something that I thought was reasonable: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...i-color-si1-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-2771876 Thank you for reading