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  1. I appreciate the feedback. There seems to be a large discount already built into my price. If I had to take that to a dealer to sell what would I get for it? I also have a dealer out of LA willing to sell me this diamond for 15k. It's smaller on the face but still seemed like a pretty good deal. Do you think this is better purchase? 7.38x 7.17x4.80 2.04 F Vs2 Depth 67% Table 63% Girdle thk to etk, f Polish excellent Symmetry very good Fluorescence none Dec 21 2012
  2. Sorry I don't know diamonds. I didn't mean table but the top part of the diamond. Makes it look bigger.
  3. Looks like I messed up link in original post. https://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD08509883
  4. Hello everyone. This is my first time here. My wife recently lost her ring and I haven't shopped for a diamond or ring in 10 years since we got engaged. I'm getting ready to remake a ring modeled after the Tiffany Legacy setting. The first step is obviously finding the diamond. I flew to LA a few weeks ago and found a nice diamond in the jewelery district for $15k. I was then browsing Blue Nile and found this one https://www.bluenile.com/diamond-details/LD08509883which I've purchased. As you can see the table shows very large which is one of the items I was looking for. The problem is the strong blue fluorescence. Everything I've researched online says it can create a chalky or milky look. So I figured what the hell I'll buy it and if it looks like junk in the sun I'll simply return it if I didn't like it. I got it and I think it looks gorgeous in every light setting. Perhaps a tint of blue in the sun, not too much,that I think makes it look even more radiant. My problem is I'm a person that cares about value and making smart purchases. Can someone offer some feedback on my situation? I appreciate your time in advance. -Jeremy