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  1. Thank you. Viewing these posts on my phone, I do not see any signatures so I might have missed that bit of information. I have absolutely found his posts of a lot of value I will definitely check the links For some reason I remember seeing location has a European country but maybe that's was a different forum? Thanks for pointing this out, and I will definitely check the links and get in touch as needed.
  2. Thank you for all the info and guidance. I have returned the studs back to the retailer and the return process was very easy and no pressure. I am now starting a search on similar studs , around 1 Ct each, for the total price of 8-9k. On another forum, a few people are talking very highly of a jewelry store in New York (I.D. Jewelers) that I might try. Any other well known jewlers that anyone here can suggest, would be appreciated. Thanks again for all your help and guidance.
  3. Thank you for your detailed information. I was undre some time pressure so didn't have time to do my research before hand. I am looking at blue niles website and see that I can get much better GIA rated diamonds for similar price ($8700 tax included which I spent) from them. On paper at least, they look better. Not sure how they might be in person. Any feedback on other people's experiences with them? Or any other online retailer? I am taking a bit comfort in knowing Shane co has 60 day return policy ( which I most certainly won't take 60 days to return if I decide to go that route, not fair to them), but I surely expect some pressure from them before accepting a return so the info above definitely helps. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this. Thank you.
  4. Hello all, and thank you in advance for your feedback. For our 21st anniversary, I purchased a pair of 1ct each diamond studs for my wife from the local Shane Co. One of the reasons is their money back guarantee and upgrade eligibility. We are not that rich so this is a huge purchase for us, and basically trying to get a good bang for the buck. The diamonds in the studs look good and we are happy overall, but given my total lack of knowledge in the world of diamonds, there is always in the back of my mind the lingering thought of whether it was a good deal (not a bargain, I am not looking for that, but a good deal overall, considering the locality of the store and our ability to go see the diamond before purchase, etc.) I am hoping the below certificates will provide enough info on the two diamonds. I paid around $8k for the two diamonds, (+ tax was additional) which was the 'internet' advertised price - lower than the marked price in the store - for the diamonds. Would there be other sources or locations where I can get a better diamond for the same price range?? Again I do appreciate the fact that there is a local store that I can go to (Shane Co.) that if I have any issues/problems, they can handle, etc., so there is obviously some additional mark up due to that convenience, and I do not have a problem with it. I am just worried that I may have overpaid $2k or more for the same thing that I could easily get from another source. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Below are the links to GSI certificates (top link being the picture of the diamond and 360 view, second being the direct link to the pdf.) http://wg.gemscience.net/VR/ZoomVideo.aspx?p=16812900220 http://wg.gemscience.net/PDF/D16812900220.AQAUJHFDYY.pdf http://wg.gemscience.net/VR/ZoomVideo.aspx?p=16812900208 http://wg.gemscience.net/PDF/D16812900208.FWCVGGNVIM.pdf