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    Need Help Picking between Two 1ct Round Diamonds

    ADN and davidelevi thank you very much for both your help.
  2. Hello, I am looking to buy an enagement ring and can't decide which one to go with. Please help!!! Diamond #1: Diamond #2: Price for Diamond #1:$8,920 Price for Diamond #2: $8,700 For diamond #1, it has a HCA score of 1.4, but I think the Ideal Scope Image is not as red as diamond #2. Lots of white/lighter spots in between the arrows. For diamond #2, it has a HCA score of 2.5, but the Ideal Scope Image looks really nice. Are the white spots between the inner black arrows considered light leakage? I personally think that diamond #2 is better, but not 100% sure. Please let me know if either one of them is worth buying. Thank you very much for your help. Frances
  3. tchen017

    1.21 Ct Round/ Pls Help Reading Ideal Scope Image

    Thank you so so much for your help.
  4. Hello All, I am interested in buying the following diamond and requested an ideal scope image from the seller. Can someone please help me with the ideal scope image? From my understanding, white area indicates light leakage in ideal scope image. The image I received shows some light pink/white areas between the center arrows (more intense around 10 & 12 o'clock). Are those considered light leakages? Will this diamond have good light return? Below is the link to view the diamond 1.21 CARAT E-VVS1 EXCELLENT CUT ROUND DIAMOND HCA Score 1.5 SHAPE: Round CARAT WEIGHT: 1.21 COLOR: E CLARITY: VVS1 CUT: Excellent POLISH: Excellent SYMMETRY: Excellent FLUORESCENCE: None L/W/D (MM): 6.81*6.78*4.20 L/W RATIO: 1.00 DEPTH %: 61.70 GIRDLE: Slightly Thick TABLE %: 58.00 CULET: None CERTIFICATE: GIA CROWN ∠: 35.50 CROWN %: 15.00 PAVILION ∠: 40.60 PAVILION %: 42.50
  5. tchen017

    Help!! Ideal-Scope Image

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. Base on your experience and expertise, would you say this diamond is a well cut diamond? I am not sure if this diamond is worth the money or I should look for a different diamond?
  6. tchen017

    Help!! Ideal-Scope Image

    Hello All, This is my first time buying a diamond and I have been doing research for months. I finally found one that I like, but I am not sure if this diamond is worth buying. This diamond has GIA tripe excellents, but from what I heard, the range for excellent is very large. It could be a bad excellent or a good excellent. I also requested the ideal scope image from the seller, but not sure if I am reading it correctly. Below are the questions I have in mind, hopefully you can help me. 1) I have seem other ideal scope image for true heart cut diamond and they all have 8 white triangles in between each arrows. The diamond I am interested in only has 3 on the right side. What does that indicate? 2) I see black shadow next to some of the arrows. Is it normal? 3) the white triangle along the edge of the diamond are more apparent on the right side. Will this affect light performance? 4) this diamond has HCA score of 0.5, is it bad? According to HCA tool, 1.5 is better than 0.5. 5) For girdle thin-medium, will it chip easily? Please share your opinions. Thank you very much in advance. 1.36 CARAT D-IF EXCELLENT CUT ROUND DIAMOND Cost: $15,660 HCA score: 0.5 SHAPE: Round CARAT WEIGHT: 1.36 COLOR: D CLARITY: IF CUT: Excellent POLISH: Excellent SYMMETRY: Excellent FLUORESCENCE: Medium L/W/D (MM): 7.18*7.24*4.35 L/W RATIO: 1.01 DEPTH %: 60.30 TABLE %: 56.00 CROWN ∠: 34.00 PAVILION ∠: 40.60 GIRDLE: Thin - Medium CULET: None CERTIFICATE: GIA