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  1. Just reached out to James Allen on chat as see a lot on there and they suggest I'd likely be looking at £700 in terms of customs on a £4K purchase (though of course I'd have to reach out to customs to get an exact figure). I also then have a worry of things getting held up with customs and whether the saving would even be there for such a cost. I shall continue looking.
  2. Yeah, I think it's definitely worth a visit. Will get it done later this week as I know these things can take weeks. In terms of online vendors, I'm struggling to find much with any feedback in the UK. Bluenile and 77Diamonds seem to be the predominant two but neither has the information something like Brian Gavin or a number of US based sites I've seen that have tons of information. I'd rather avoid importing purely because of the implications of customs and the inconvenience should I have to draw on a warranty or something further down the line. Are you aware of any UK based online vendors (or those that have points in the Country like BlueNile that avoids the whole customs aspect)?
  3. I've had a read through that article you referenced David (well in truth; I had to skim some of it as it went WAY over my head) and there are some really interesting points. One thing I had not considered at all was the patterns of a diamond and how they can affect the sparkle. In terms of what I think is more valuable to me with the diamond I'd have to prioritise things in this order; Cut Carat Clarity Colour I really want the diamond to sparkle and do so in the best possible way within budget. I know I can compromise cut for size but that's something I do not wish to do. After that it would be size however. I'd love to hit 1carat or possibly more but I don't think I can if I only have £2K - £2.5K budgeted. I've found a setting I absolutely love and have looked at other online stores to see whether costs differ substantially (and they don't) so expecting to pay around £1.8K for that. Leaving me just under £3K for an actual diamond. I think I am probably going to be better served sourcing the diamond online as price really will be the difference here though, as you say, I then sacrifice the 'seeing' what I'm buying aspect and lose the option of returning the ring for resize, servicing, etc. over time. I think I may still do a trip into the quarter to see what's on offer. Worst case I can simply come home and put my order in online. A friend of mine insists you can really haggle price down in store but although I know that's true I hate having to go through the whole drama of it. Atleast with online I pay the same price as everyone that day.
  4. Thanks once again David. A lot to think about there. And, perfectly timed, that article will really come in handy as after some off hand discussion last night she's now decided she would prefer a Round...... sigh. I'll have a good read of that article now and see what I can find with a Round. I'm not too far from the Birmingham Jewelry Quarter so think I'll do a trip there to see some in person too. I suspect you can't comment on this but do you find these jewelry specialised areas can compete with online vendors such as Bluenile?
  5. After a night of sleeping on it I'm now leaning the other direction. I need to confirm her ring size asap but I'm thinking the smaller band will make a 1carat princess look even bigger. If I go with the larger band I'd almost need to drop down to 0.8carat and I think the thicker band would likely have the reverse effect. Will confirm her ring size later and do some more digging.
  6. Goodness me, it's a minefield isn't it. To throw yet another spanner in the works, just as I felt I was getting a grip, I came across BlueNile. There diamond search engine is much better and they seem to have some additional details and a 'signature' collection that gives maximum brilliance (which is kind of my priority here). The only issue is I'm not a big fan of the settings other than one that I think looks beautiful but is £1.8K which leaves even less for the diamond itself. I can add in this diamond and come in budget. I know no one is going to say to me yes or no but goodness me it's such a hard decision. Do I go with a more petite band, perhaps this; And save a good £1K to put towards a diamond or just make the cost a bit more doable...... sigh. Could I ask this though; my partner has long slender fingers I would say. She is a ring size K I believe (I have it wrote down upstairs but she's in bed now). The first band is 2.3mm thick and the second, cheaper one, is 1.5mm thick. What is likely to suit better with such hands, in your opinion of course? As an aside I do wonder if the reason I love the first setting so much is because of how much it shines in the shot compared to the other. Although I do also like the fact the are bigger and thus wrap around the band more too. My gut instinct for now is the first option just because I think the band looks better but that's a big chunk of money to fork over just for the setting..... I guess this is become rhetoric now and not something you can't really answer. But in any case, I would love to hear your thoughts around how you were personally tackle this. I completely understand about the Princess 'Cut' grading and I must say I have a bit more confidence in BlueNiles Signature cuts as they say they go for brilliance (and they have the certificates from GCAL demonstrating light reflection which is useful). I'm also debating whether I could go to .8 carat without losing too much to bring it back down to within better budget. I was really aiming for £4K as £5K will be tight (but doable). I also only want to do this right so need to get it right first time. Thank you so much for your help anyway David. It has been very beneficial and informative and hopefully, although I know you've repeated things you've said in other threads, there is something new and useful for someone in my predicament in the future. If only my partner preferred Round Brilliants I think I'd have an easier time
  7. That is a very informative reply. Thank you David. I've just done some more research and can see it does certainly open up my options if I drop some of those specifications. Could I ask for your opinion on the following diamond? I shall reach out to them to ask too but just wondering what your thoughts are with it's details; For clarity it is; Cut: Excellent (graded by the jeweler but very well regarded) Carat: 1.21 Colour: I Clarity: SI1 (I can see the inclusion in the zoomed image but believe that will be almost eye clean to an untrained eye) Ratio: 1:0 In terms of comparison to my earlier specs it's around the same price but a whole .3 carats more in weight. I will of course reach out to the jeweler as they will be able to look at it for me but, in your opinion, is a Princess Cut diamond with those specifications a good choice? I've attached an image too though I understand from other posts on here they're not particularly helpful because of lighting conditions, post processing, etc.
  8. No apology necessary David. I look forward to your comments.
  9. Good morning all, I stumbled across this site this morning looking for some advice on a Princess Cut Diamond. I've searched through the forums and read some really interesting posts but can't find an answer to my question and I suspect that may because there is no simple answer. But, as is said, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Apparently..... To preface this I'm from the UK so please do point me in a different direction if this isn't something you're really able to help with. I'm looking to pick up a Princess Diamond Engagement Ring for my partner who I hope to propose to in the coming months. I've been doing a lot of searching and research on how to get the best value diamond ring and I've found a supplier here in the UK who are rated highly and seem trustworthy ( My query really boils down to how I can get the best diamond for my money. I'm budgetting between £4,000 - £5,000 including the setting and I've already picked the setting. Unfortunately I'm not able to post straight to the setting due to how their site works but it's basically a diamond band ring called 'Contour' in white gold; This should leave me with around £4,200 or so for the actual diamond. Now on to the actual question; I've read various things about having a table smaller than the depth, keeping the l/w around 1 - 1.05, going for 0.9carat with G colour and atleast VS2. Now I know there's likely to be no hard and fast rules as to what makes a good princess cut but are there some characteristics you think I should look out for in order to maximise the value for money? It's very important to me that it's eye clean and some of the VS2 diamonds have quite clear inclusions in the images (not all the diamonds have images unfortunately) but they're zoomed in quite a lot and I wonder if they would actually be visible with the naked eye. So to clarify, these are the requirements I've been looking under for now; Carat = 0.9 Cut = Excellent, Very Good Clarity = VS2 Colour = G Certificate = GIA Polish = Excellent, Very Good Symmetry = Excellent, Very Good Fluorescent = None, Faint, Medium Ratio = 1 - 1.05 Price = £4,200 Table = 67 - 72 Depth = 64 - 75 For reference I've used the following article (amongst others) to put those requirements together; Would love to hear people's thoughts on these characteristics representing best value. Thank you. K