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  1. I've never thought of them as rough diamonds, but clearly I guess they are. One of the jewelers who looked at the parcel mentioned that some work had been done to them. The other said he could see where some looked to of been cut and abandoned. I'm in Canada... these diamonds were destined to be used in the manufacturing process of ball bearings. I ended up with them after the business closed down. Mixed into a lot with other abrasive material (Packaging leads me to believe they had been sitting on the shelf since the early 60's.). I have no idea what machine would use these. Polishing? They have been here long before the paperwork requirement. I guess there are worse thing I could be stuck with. Haha.
  2. Hey! Thanks for the lead. Does Peter come on the boards?
  3. Hello! I have ended up in the possession of 1100ct of diamonds that I think maybe industrial in nature. I have had them examined and they are natural. Does anyone have a lead on an industrial diamond buyer? or more info? Thanks You! h
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