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  1. Oops---Ritani site said Ideal cut, GIA says Excellent
  2. Thank you both. Little more info: Ideal cut, E (not F), Vs2, polish excellent, symmetry excellent, table 60%, depth 60%, cutlet None, medium girdle and a feather. 😖 .90 tcw. Brilliant round. I'm SO nervous. I expressed via email AND by phone that I do some speaking under lights and brilliance/sparkle is (I'm sure as for most) is of major importance to me but not just under lights, in my everyday life as well. I hope, hope, HOPE I didn't screw up.
  3. I like that they have a 30 day return policy. )
  4. Hi; I REALLY wanted a pair of diamond stud earrings for an event next weekend. I had 3 chain store choices: Kay's, Jared & Roger's and Hollands. I was surprised I could not find a color better than "I" and clarity I1. I did a lot of research and for the prices, 1 ct in the 3,999-4,200 range I knew I could do better. Of course reviews were "so sparkly!" and "totally worth it!" Admittedly, I can be impulsive and I really wanted them for the weekend. Ultimately, I went online and through "Ritani" I built a pair. I won't get them until March 2nd. Please someone tell me I will be happy I waited. I got a .90 tcw, F, Vs2, ideal-cut with 4 prong, 18kt white gold prongs for $2,985. Comes with GIA. (Brilliant Round). My stomach will be churning for two weeks--I don't do much online shopping and especially buying diamond earrings sight unseen. I'm petite so didn't want more than 1 ct and I got close with .90. Thoughts?
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