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  1. What a coincidence, I'm from Brno too :-) To expand my post above, czech woman/girls usually wear jewelry, but it's often "bijouterie", my wife got whole boxes of it (and still counting), I want to say, your friend just might not be exactly into jewels at all, I mean, her scottish husband might be innocent in this matter :-) Not that I would want to somehow "evaluate" scotsmans, since the only one I know somehow closer is black, thus, no true scotsman* :-) When the time comes, I'll surely come here for an advice. And I want to thank you again for your assitance Davide, I'm well aware of that your time is valuable, the more I appreciated your help in this matter. * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_true_Scotsman
  2. Well, at least I was surprised, I can tell you that... I mean, till now, no retailer, supplier, tradesman, you name it has never pulled such stunt on me :-) Nonetheless, my wife told me that she wouldn't want, nor wear such expensive* jewel anyway, so we decided that we would go shopping and she will pick something nice, be it jewels, clothing, whatever she will want and then we'll have a dinner in some nice restaurant. Those earrings were meant as a gift for a giving birth to a baby (kind of a custom here, but doesn't apply to everyone) But she will get these earrings on a different ocassion anyway, but just right now I'm not exactly in the mood for continuing this adventure plus it wouldn't be surprise as I mentioned above :-) *Opposite to the United States, and despite marketing efforts of the companies selling pricier jewelry, most of czechs views it as a waste of money, regardless of their income (but of course, there are exceptions). So, expensive here means something different than in the US.
  3. And the story continues (and ends, at least for B2C) Placed order for both diamonds at $861 + 3% fee for credit card payment. After consultation with B2C's customer service, I've choosen bank wire as a payment method - in order to "reserve" diamonds, we agreed that friend of mine will call them later and she will finish the transaction with credit card payment over the phone. So far good :-) When she wanted to change payment method and pay with card, they cancelled previous order and made new one with different method of payment. And with approx. $150 higher price. I asked for an explanation and they called me (It's 10 PM here, my wife was home, so, surprise spoiled) and explained that prices of diamonds are volatile, thus, they're changing every hour - resulting in higher price because price went up in time between these two orders. I believe that they should have sold me diamonds for a price listed in the first order, so I told the customer representative that I disagree with the new price and insist on the previous one given the circumstances. He talked to the manager, called 30 minutes later only to tell me that they can't do anything about it. So I told him than I don't care about damned 150 bucks (price was still quite good in comparison with prices in Czech) but it's a matter of principle so I'm taking my business elsewhere... To end on a positive note, thanks to this exprience I learned lot of useful information about diamonds, which will surely come handy in a future. And I have some new story to tell :-)
  4. So I've picked these 2, for prices listed on DiamondReview. Now I'm just waiting for confirmation from B2C
  5. Good point :-) So, I narrowed my search by attributes mentioned above, looking at 0.25ct stones arround 350$ and 0.30ct arround 430$ and when I'll find good pair in terms of symmetry, I'll buy it.
  6. I'm aware of that, I've decided to pass this pair. I'll keep looking at SI1 and better with excellent cut as you advised. How about polish and symmetry ? According to the B2C search engine, should I look only at "excellent" or very good/good will do as well in my case ?
  7. Yes, these 2 and again, one sold as I've been informed by B2C just now. It's like buying cheap air tickets :-) They've also offered substitution for the sold diamond from the first pair: http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-8720437-0.25-carat-Round-diamond-E-color-SI2-clarity.aspx /new one/ http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-9037746-0.26-carat-Round-diamond-G-color-SI2-clarity.aspx Thanks for advice with different prices here and on B2C website, will check it before buying. EDIT: Looks like they advertise their "bank wire" prices on this website.
  8. Phew, one of the stones from the first pair is gone :-/ So, I've raised a budget little bit, and found these, excellent cut a good match in terms of diameter I guess ?
  9. OK, I've just emailed them, I hope that they will be able to tell me something more about these particular stones. I'll probably stick with B2C as long as I'm running out of time - friend of mine who will bring diamonds over to me is leaving US in two weeks. By the way, thank you for looking, I know that budget of 900$ isn't much...
  10. denverappraiser: I'm aware of that, frankly, I wouldn't insist on GIA certificate, but I don't have other options since I don't know any reputable US seller who could supply decent quality gems for a reasonable price without certificate. So, the GIA certificate is the only lead I have - I know what I'm getting. Funny thing is, these loose diamonds with GIA certificate sold by B2C are still approx. 40% cheaper than similar ones sold here in CZ, often without any certificate from a reputable lab. Not to mention the efforts of our central bank to weaken our currency :-) davidelevi: thanks for advice. So, I'll go for an excellent cut then. Refined search gave me these results: http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-9068414-0.25-carat-Round-diamond-H-color-SI1-clarity.aspx http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-9092076-0.25-carat-Round-diamond-G-color-SI1-clarity.aspx
  11. So maybe these will be a better choice in terms of price/value ? http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-8495653-0.29-carat-Round-diamond-D-color-SI1-clarity.aspx http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-8385335-0.29-carat-Round-diamond-D-color-SI1-clarity.aspx I've forgot that SI2 is "worse" than SI1... I'm aware of a slight difference between dimensions, but since it's for an earrings... By the way, I've checked papers for that engagement and wedding ring I've bought in the past and it's SI1 clarity, not SI2 as I thought and written in my previous post. Since these diamonds (not certified) are looking good to me, I should be fine with SI1 certified by GIA ?
  12. Did some research and I will probably buy diamonds in the US and then have earrings made here in Czech rep. Was thinking about B2C Jewels and diamonds of approx. 0.25 ct each with GIA certificate and price arround 300$ /piece. For example these 2: http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-9045223-0.26-carat-Round-diamond-D-color-SI2-clarity.aspx http://www.b2cjewels.com/dd-9037746-0.26-carat-Round-diamond-G-color-SI2-clarity.aspx Price seems to be fair according to the DiamondReview finder..?
  13. Thanks, I'll stick with SI2 then. And yes, Czech President will be eventually dissapointed, not the Queen. I'm glad that it wasn't obvious from my written expression :-) Got one more question regarding certificates, EGL to be specific. I've found a local vendor selling nice earrings for a decent prices, but the certificates are issued by EGL, according to this article, it's not very trustworthy I guess ? https://www.diamonds.pro/egl/
  14. I've checked some local jewelry stores and maybe I would consider "princess" cut along with the round cut in bezel setting. Looked up this one on BN: http://www.bluenile.com/cz/princess-cut-diamond-earrings_55630?action=14kWhiteGoldSelect&referrer=customizer&track=alternate-metalsCustomizer But I'm not sure about I1 clarity... Is it a big differnce to a SI2 ? I've choosen SI2 clarity for both engement and wedding rings she already has. Yes, easier return is a benefit in case of EU based store, but US based store isn't problem too, I know lotof expats in US who travel regularly to EU and can bring it over for me, so import customs fees wouldn't be an issue.
  15. Hello Davide, Thanks for such extensive response. Yes, the fact I wasn't able to lookup any reliable reviews made me a bit concerned too. That was the reason why I decided to ask here before purchase. I'd go with a better estblished vendor as you suggest, was thinking about Blue Nile ? Often recomended on this site, plus it seems that they are based in Ireland, so easier to import since I'm located in EU.
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