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  1. What has been your two's experience with Leibish? I have been emailing with them. At the bottom of the email they have buttons which link to their social media pages. Half of the buttons don't even to go to real pages. 3 out of the 6 direct to the site and say 'page doesn't exist' and another one has zero activity on it. Things like this make me worry about the legitimacy of the website.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm glad to be apart of these forms. I am searching for a natural pink diamond. I am wondering what are the best places to buy a loose stone like this. So far I have looked at the following websites. http://www.leibish.com/ http://www.asteriadiamonds.com/ http://www.naturallycolored.com/ They all have GIA certificates, however I am still hesitant. How possible is it for a company to simply tag one of their diamonds with a GIA certificate? Or to falsely print an identification number on the diamond? Some of the diamonds I have been looking at are as follows http://www.leibish.com/pink-diamonds/faint-pink-round-27561 http://www.naturallycolored.com/pink-diamonds/faint-pink-diamond-round-vs2-clarity-0_28-carat-8086
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