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  1. Buying Diamonds Blind - Do You?

    So i had a conversation with a diamond expert over at Blue Nile. I requested for an ASET and Ideal Scope image for a diamond i was interested in however they were quick to tell me that they do not provide such images except for a simple picture of the diamond. So i asked if people actually buy diamonds solely based on what the grading report says? The diamond expert said yes. Now my question to everybody reading this on Diamond Review - do you buy diamonds without seeing the ASET and Ideal Scope images? What if you find a diamond that has a perfect cut but you're still not sure what the ASET or Ideal Scope looks like? Then again aren't majority of diamonds sold without having an ASET / Ideal Scope image? Do you buy blind? What if you find out later that the diamond had been purchased by somebody already and you might have missed a 'gem!'? So what are your thoughts on this article advising people not to buy blind which im sure many of us have ready before: http://beyond4cs.com/buying-diamonds-blind
  2. Advice On Round Brilliant Diamond 0.58Ct - Specs Inside

    Guess what they were still able to send me an image as i had requested very early on when it was available. What'd you think?
  3. Hca Score 0.7? 1? 1.5?

    I agree it plays on the minds of humans! Anything under 2.0 should just get a thumbs up. These numbers and descriptions do cause trouble in our minds... especially in mine!
  4. Advice On Round Brilliant Diamond 0.58Ct - Specs Inside

    It was listed on Blue Nile for £4242 and then it went up to £4284. I requested for the ASET and Idealscope images and BN have informed me it takes 24-48 hours for me to receive them. 24 hours has passed and i have not heard from BN and this diamond has now been bought by somebody. Damn it.
  5. I am looking to create an engagement ring. I am after something which has a lot of fire and brilliance. Unfortunately i do not have the ASET nor Ideal Scope images for this. Given the specifications below what are your thoughts on this diamond? I know the clarity being IF may be overkill but i'm interested in getting something special for the missus. Thank you in advance. Measurements: 5.41 - 5.43 x 3.25 mm Carat Weight: 0.58 carat Color Grade: D Clarity Grade: Internally Flawless Cut Grade: Excellent Depth: 60.1 % Table: 59 % Crown Angle: 34.0° Crown Height: 14.0% Pavilion Angle: 40.6° Pavilion Depth: 42.5% Star Length: 50% Lower Half: 75% Girdle: Medium, Faceted, 3.5% Culet: None Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Fluorescence: None Clarity Characteristics: Minor Details of Polish
  6. Hca Score 0.7? 1? 1.5?

    I understand the HCA score should not be used to choose diamonds but rather be used as a tool to eliminate bad diamonds against those which are good. So i have come across many diamonds with varying scores below 2. Sometimes with a score of 0.4, 1.0, 1.1 you will be expected to get an all round excellent return like this: Light Return: Excellent Fire: Excellent Scintillation: Excellent Spread: Excellent However i have also seen results with a score of 0.7 or 1.1 with one factor being 'Very Good'? Light Return: Excellent Fire: Excellent Scintillation: Excellent Spread: Very Good This is something i have not been able to understand. My question is, what do these numbers mean? I understand that if the score is lower than 2 its a good diamond to choose. But after it scores below 2 you get varying results and varying scores? Clearly the lower the HCA score doesn't always necessarily mean it's a great diamond if a factor is displaying as 'Very Good' as opposed to an 'Excellent' all round result with a higher score of 1.0? I hope i have explained myself well.
  7. This question is a loaded one, i understand that so many factors can determine the size of a carat from budget to what looks good on the finger and the type of setting it sits on. My question is about the round brilliant shaped diamond and the fire and brilliance it has to offer. Which carat size is the better carat size and dare i say 'Value' for money? Is there a popular size that shines better than another size? Regardless of the 4/5/6C's and the HCA tool is there a particular size that has a higher demand than others? Is there such a thing called 'premium carat sizes'? When it comes to engagement rings be they sit on a solitaire or halo setting which carat size has more brilliance - or is there no such thing so as long the HCA score is below 2?
  8. Hi i am looking into purchasing a nice diamond which has good light and will sparkle best. I have been given the following ASET image along with hearts and arrows image from a diamond retailer. Can anyone tell me if this is any good? I suspect something is wrong here on the ASET image (bottom right) and the heart (top right). I look forward to hearing you all soon soon: Here is the image: http://imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/01/17/asetandheartandarrowimage2.jpg Shape: Round Brilliant Certification: GIA Carat: 0.57 Colour: E Clarity: IF Cut: Excellent Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Florescence: None Measurements: 5.36 x 5.41 x 3.21 Table: 59.00% Depth: 59.60% Price: £3500 inc VAT