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  1. Thanks for you response. Our home owners did cover $1000. So it's something.
  2. Thank you for your response. It's such a hard issue to bring up. They either said there was a sale and he could get the band and ring for just a little more than he bought the ring for the first time, or the sales person offered the ring and he is clueless on the downgrade of diamond. It's fr distinative diamonds, and thankfully they give you 100% back what you paid for the diamond when you upgrade later. He told me they pulled our order history and he didn't even look at the diamond, but I know my class was much higher than this the first time we bought it. Trying to find the paperwork
  3. So last April we bought a 1.01 kt engagement ring for $5200, I think this was after a little discount. Well, that ring was lost before he proposed. Brought the ring out of state to propose and lost it after flight. Uninsured. Ugh. So he secrectly repurchased the ring in November, but this diamond is not the same. There is a visible flaw. I found the receipt and he purchased the diamond wedding band (did not purchase first time around) and ring for 5600 total. This was a surprise to me. I was at the firSt ring purchase and that diamond was higher grade. He said there was a special and he was able to get the ring and band for a little over what he initially paid, but now that I have my new ring I can see a flaw. Found the paper work and it's an HI- I1 diamond when I knw my last was higher grade. Do I say something???! I'm so torn, because so far we've paid 11k for this ring since we bought it twice, but I'm also pissed about the quality. Advice
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