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  1. So I thought it was only fair that I shared the finish product on these forums as Davidelevi was so amazingly invaluable and generous in sharing his knowledge and providing me with advice. The final product actually needs a minor amendment as I noticed that the prongs are not entirely symmetrical - so hopefully that's an easy fix from SK. Will write up a proper review once everything is all done and dusted - but props go out to ERD and SK.
  2. Apologies if this is not in the appropriate forum, but I wasn't sure where to post this. While I haven't finalised the entire process, I have to say a huge thank you to davide for the education he is providing me. Of all the people I have worked with, the various advice I have received - I think I have very rapidly learnt the greatest amount from davide. So thank you!
  3. Davide, Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to all my post, you are a amazing. 1. Noted, thanks. 2. Girdle, agree I was concerned with the VTN - but was advised this was in the corners where prongs can be placed to protect it to a degree. 3. I'm not sure if there will be any settings with a halo that we like where it sits low? The HW-esque halo would seem to sit relatively high as well? Happy to be directed towards other options that you might recommend. I think my girlfriend might be prong to accidentally knocking it, day to day she is in an office job, but it's not the random mishaps. 4. Will explore with SK, that's useful context for me to know - he suggested the following, which to me looks similar with the base of the stems not looking as nice (imo). Thank you so much for the feedback on this, as it will help inform my discussion. 5. No worries, I guess I will just have to decide based on price. SK has advised that the melee will be matched to the centre stone, though I would get everything confirmed in writing.
  4. Thanks Davide again! The main reason I removed the GIA numbers was I was worried some lurker would somehow find the same stone and buy it before me! I've spent so much time trying to decide and find these choices that I didn't want to lose them. We plan on setting the stone in a platinum Harry Winston style halo, though one slight problem with that choice is that it is not flush and we wanted something flush. This was the main contender, but SK advised we don't have a big enough stone for the stems to curve out nicely - https://www.kirschdiamonds.com/engagement/halo/r0109.html. My concern with the 1.57 is the I colour and the fact that it's a cushion. 1.7 is within budget and sits perfectly in my parameters, but just not sure about the marginal return/benefit. Is there any need for concern with the amount of inclusions in the 1.7? However, they are mainly clouds and it is VS1? Also, I was worried about the very thin to slightly thick girdle on the 1.57 - but have been advised the placements shouldn't be an issue. Thanks again.
  5. Davide, So I ended up showing the boss and it is down to two choices. I would appreciate your thoughts on which stone you would recommend and why? The two options are below, the 1.7 attracts roughly a 20% premium on the 1.57. Almost there!
  6. Davide, Thank you for the very insightful post. I think I have been so focused with the doctrine from another community that I really was on the hunt for the 'perfect' ASET image. I actually caved and went back to the boss and got her to sift through a number of videos and photos (I've somewhat ruined the surprise she wanted unfortunately). Ironically, going off your feedback above and just my personal take on how the 8 main looks, I think I would have gone ahead with the purchase. However, the input I received from her was that as much as she didn't want something common like a round - she actually liked how the H&A looked in the videos. She may not fully understand that it will potentially end up looking like a round, but I've spent just under a year on this now - so I'm not going to second guess the preference she just confirmed. I do appreciate the thoughts and hope other people come across your post, as I think it's very useful context.
  7. Thanks Davide - I think the paradox is actually that my girlfriend requested a cushion but also wants something bright and shiny. Her initial remit was not a round or a princess, I went down the route of an Asscher as I liked the concept and wasn't one for the bling. However, I showed it to her and it turns out she wanted a cushion - though she wants to be surprised and hasn't spent the time to research the finer details... so she isn't across the different types of cushions. Now you would think the H&A would fit the bill as a cushion that has optical performance, but then this is opposed to the notion of not wanting something that looks common here like a princess or round (when set). So if any of the above made sense, it's a web of conflicting thoughts and I'm trying to work my way through it. The only way I've been able to get a handle on it is really ignoring the facet structure and just trying to find the best performing cushion I can find within the parameters. If it comes down to facet structure, I actually like the look of the 8 main - but because of the broad sweeping scope, I'm not wedded to it. In terms of question 2 - is this amount of white/leakage common for the cut? I've been trawling through the web to get a view, but as you mentioned in your post there are too many variable in the lighting set up between different images. However, the asets I have seen don't seem to exhibit this level of 'white'. I am drawn to the stone, I'm just trying to get my head around whether it's merely 'good' or is it 'really good' but that's hard without other reference points. Thank you so much for the opinion, it really does help.
  8. Hi all, I stumbled across this community after trying to do some further research about a stone I posted on PS. I was hoping to solicit the advice of the members on here for their thoughts/opinions on the stone attached: Specs for reference: approx 1.4 carats, 6.85 x 6.70 x 4.35, G VVS2 Questions: 1. For this type of facet structure, what are your views on the ASET? 2. Is the level of green/white on the ASET of concern? I am predominantly concerned about the level of white/green on the edge of the ASET for this 8 main diamond. I've tried to search for other 8 main ASET images for comparison, but haven't found many examples to compare it against. If I were to view this against the 4 main/x-factor cushions I was considering, the brilliance of this diamond wouldn't seem to stack up. I also considered H&As due to the optical performance, but I am conscious that my girlfriend didn't want a round (and I have been told the H&As may appear like a round once set). Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
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