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  1. Thanks Neil for all that. I'm not really concerned about price. My priority is service and the integrity of their IT backend. Perhaps these services change their prices often because I need to correct you; Polygon is half the price I am paying for IDEX. And IDEX has an average of 200,000 stones. I'm leaning toward Polygon now.
  2. Hi Everyone As a loose diamond buyer, I have been a member of IDEX for almost a year and would like to try another diamond buying agency. Is Polygon & Rapnet my only other two choices? I was shocked that IDEX shutdown their offices (& all communications) for a week during the Indian holiday of Dawali. This is during high season for engagement ring buyers. The other issue I have with IDEX is that they have no in house IT support for issues concerning integrating their inventory into your web site. I welcome all your comments please. Thank you.
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