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  1. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Couple photos from Venice. She said yes. "At the end of the day, it's all about her"
  2. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Hi everyone, The ring was finally completed. Below I upload pictures - visualizations (earlier version which was thinner) and mold of 3d model. Photos of the finished ring i'll sent after a big day .. or link to ebay summarizing 5 months is too long for my nerves. There were heavy moments, on the other hand once in a lifetime... counts is a result that takes my breath away i hope her too!
  3. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Thank you very much! I think I will stay with this concept. It is maybe a little trivial, but it is something between M as the first letter of her name and hearts (without small stone). If you have any comments please write. I am very grateful for all the helpful advice. The stone came, it's beautiful. Unfortunately, i have photos only from phone.
  4. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Thank You David for your answer. Forgive me for my vocabulary. Now I see that I wrote this with no sense.I mean element which hold the side stone. Now i marked it all over red. This element look like three parts tulip. Atached to it four prong. I don't like, but can't find another solution. Same mounting main ston with 4 prong is ok. Only shape of element hold side stone.
  5. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Hello, Tomorrow I should get a stone. I am very excited . I do not know how to solve the mounting stone - an element which I marked in red. Have you seen somewhere other mounting solutions. Do you have any pictures?
  6. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Hello all, I booked a stone. I have information from BN "The diamond is "eye clean" per the vault manager that inspected it for me." I think that I would stay at such parameters, and this stone, I hope she love it. I will write how to develop this love-ring story
  7. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    @davidelevi You're right s2 is not a good choice at this moment I stay with @denverappraiser ok, now i understand. Many rings varriago has this shape, but your comment is very correct,I will also do 3d model with a rounded bottom and compare. I found this movie I think that's good way. @fesco I agree with your opinion, but what choice I have? In Poland there are no shops with loose diamonds where I could see a live or even with photo - only online can buy on the basis of the certificate. Could I ask You to send me here or in private messages trust sites where diamonds are offered with photographs as JamesAllen shop? After the results of elections in the US it may be good option to import the stone even if add 20% of tax thank you all for your help
  8. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Thank you very much for your opinions. @davidelevi - I agree with you, I have to work on the thickness. Is difficult because of that ring is presented with a 1/1.5 ct stone and hard to find a balance between the thickness and stone accent (if i use ~0.45ct). @denverappraiser - This order is to make one of the best jewelers in Krakow, he perform for me once signet ring and I was very pleased with the service. I am before talking about the details - I would like to prepare for this conversation. What do you mean by "element at the bottom center" first picture or second picture I do not like this part @LaurentGeorge My secend choice is verriago venetian 5047r. I think it will be more difficult to demage. But insignia 7075 for me is nicer. When it comes to the stones I was searched again and found these two thinking about 0,47 Carat Weight - 0,47 carat Colour G Cut Grade - Exellent Clarity SI2 Depth % 61.4% Table % 59.0% Measurements 4.98 x 5.00 x 3.06 mm Carat Weight - 0,46 carat Colour H Cut Grade - Exellent Depth % 61.6% Table % 59.0% Measurements 4.94 x 4.93 x 3.04 mm
  9. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Thank you very much for your comments on the diamond it is very valuable information for me. If you can still ask for technical advice regarding the thickness of the ring and the elements. In link below a concept of ring,for now it is close to the project verragio (but reduced thickness 1.5 mm). Apart from the visual side if there are any tips that will increase usability - cleaning, etc. For every advice I will be grateful.
  10. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Thank you for your quick reply and valuable. I thought about buying I think that Blue Nil is the good choice and allows the return. Ad.1 a GIA certificate cut grade - exellent Ad.2 very important point, I agree with that. Ad.3 I sent an email asking for Blue Nil, but wrote back to me that the best form of consultatnion is a phone which is hard for me because of my language. Ad 4. I sent a request to the jeweler about the cost of printing and embed stones and got the answer that it is 380-435$ for his job.
  11. Diamond For Your Dream Ring

    Welcome all and hope that you will help me find the best stone. Excuse for my English is not very good. My love seen on one of the internet portals ring which she liked very much . I managed to find it is- verriago insignia 7075, but the same ring costs almost $ 2,000 - without diamond. Diamond recommended for this ring is 0.5-1,5 ct. In Poland, where I come from jewelet valued make a ring like that for $ 1,500 with 0,29ct with S1, G parameters. After thinking I said that this ring design the same in 3D technology (cost per print and embed stones is $ 400-500 without materials - for this I can afford a better stone and unique ring). The only problem is to purchase a diamond think about the stone 0,40-0,50 budget of about $ 1,000. The best offer according to me is JamesAllen - where I can see how the product look like. Unfortunately they do not shipping to Polend. For this I am looking at other portals. I thought about the parameters Carat weight-0.44 Shape-Round Cut-Ideal Colour-E Clarity-SI1 Length / width ratio-1.01 Depth-62.9% Table-56.0% Polish-Excellent Symmetry-Excellent Girdle-Thin to Slightly Thick Culet-None Fluorescence-Medium Measurements-4.85 x 4.82 x 3.04 mm if it is safe to order a stone of such parameters over the internet,without seeing images? Because of the limited money do not count on the high parameters but I would like a nice looking diamond. Thank you for any comments