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  1. here is my email conversation from that company: Me: "Id like to purchase the best diamond ear studs available for my budget. I found RS025DFL to be the perfect one. As i want to make sure the grading is correct, I will take it to a jeweler to check it out. ..... - can you send me a Gemological Report before i purchase? Wholesale: "Unfortunately, we do not have the certificate for any specific item because every item is made to order and then certified" Me: " Can you send me a sample gemological report which comes with a diamond? I know you don’t have it yet for the one I didn’t purchased, I just want to see how the report will look and what measurements/specifications will include." Wholesale: "Louie, I'm sorry but the certificates have sensitive information on them so i cannot send you a copy of them. Additionally the certificates do not contain the stone measurements. Sam" No stone measurements??? Their report wont say the size, cut, clarity, carat, color...nothing??? What a scammers!!!
  2. thank you. What do you mean: obfuscating actual weight and total weight ? You meant the fact that its not clear that each diamond is 0.25ct or total weight of the 2 diamonds is 0.25ct?
  3. Hi everyone. Before i buy a 0.25CT round shape, Excellent cut, D color, FL clarity pair of studs for $429.00, i'd like to know some experts opinion about this diamond deal. Its sounds too good to be true...it is? http://www.diamondstudswholesale.com/diamond-stud-earrings/round-diamond-stud-earrings/0-25-ct-round-diamond-stud-earrings-d-fl.html I'll appreciate all your help. Thank you. Louie
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