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  1. Are Computers Destroying The Jewelry Industry

    Really? How? The computer make jewelry design more easy and less costly
  2. Christmas Proposal Idea

  3. Need Advice On This One

    For None fluorescence, No more than 6100 USD.
  4. Are Computers Destroying The Jewelry Industry

    The computer and Internet help jewelry and diamond industry growing.
  5. How To Purchase A Yellow Diamond

    you can purchase the similar diamond ring and change the style as you like.
  6. Selling My Dimond

    What is your diamond's Gia code? you would better describe the cut,color, clarity and carat of the loose diamond degree.
  7. Waiting For My First Purchase

    Congratulations and happy birthday.
  8. Need Advice On This One

    For a diamond SI1 clarity and eye clean that over 1 Ct, It is better to pick it if the price is favorable, Moreover, the cut, polish and is Excellent.
  9. Got The Ring!

    This is beautiful, congratulations, and I love the emerald cut too.
  10. Since there is no cutting degree information of Cushion Cut Diamond, so it is better to view the 3D video of the diamond before purchase.