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  1. Ok thanks everyone. Just having different opinions provides some insight.
  2. Danhov actually recommended the tight 4.75 since the mock 4.5 was very very difficult to get over my knuckle. So we agreed with their recommendation, this wasn’t us making that decision. Unfortunately the only other Danhov retailer is estern Canada and then the states. No the ring would fall off at size 5 unless it was +30 degrees and I had something salty to eat haha...otherwise the ring was consistently too big. We’ll review our contract again, but ultimately if Jay continues to say no...is that something we have to accept? I’ve never had ring sizing “issues” until this..
  3. Yes that’s exactly the 2 issues. Jay is adamant about my finger size and doesn’t seem to acknowledge or understand when we bring up the engagement ring is oval (which could be contributing to the mismatch in sizing) he just keeps repeating that the ring is size 5 but when on the sizer we’ve pointed out how there’s several mm gap from the diamond cutlet to the ring sizer. Jay also changes the price every time we speak and will not acknowledge that the mis sized ring is their responsibility. I think we just need some guidance...we’re aware it boils down to 2 issues, however Jay is adamant there’s no issue even tho he’ll say the ring is very large on my finger.
  4. My fiancé and I picked out my engagement ring ...we decided on A tension set ring designed by danhov. We did thorough research etc. the only authorized retailer (AR) for Danhov in Canada close to where we live is in Edmonton. So we made several trips up to review and my fiancé made the final choice on diamond etc. The AR sized me several times and we advocated for it knowing tension sets are not easily resizable if at all. I was sized by Amour Jewellwrs to be a 5.5. My partner orders the ring in that size and when we get it it’s profoundly huge. So we have Amour double check it was for sure a 5.5. This is where things have gone sideways. So the original sales lady we dealt with was great, not pushy, informative etc. but now b/c we had such a misized ring we had to deal with the store manager(?owner) “jay”. We explained that his sales associates did all my sizing & he got to see how huge the ring was on my finger. Jay immediately asked if I lost a ton of weight. He then stated his goldsmith would “take itdown a bit” and “dinner was on him” and “don’t stress it’s not a big deal...we’ll just take a chunk out” . We declined knowing the warranty would be void if danhov didn’t fix it. At this point danhov told us the ring had to be remade as it cannot be sized. Danhov was agreeable to remaking the ring however it was at our cost. Amour (jay) was adamant I lost weight therefore their sizing was not off. So wanting to move forward we paid it. Amour resized me and their advice was to get a size 5. The tension set ring we had purchased was noticed to be slightly oval which I brought forward that could be causing the ring to fit larger. With all the ring sizers the smallest my finger could fit was a 5.25. But considering how big the ring was we sized it to a 5. Amour frays 4 wks sending out the ring (jay tells us he was getting us the best deal) then the ring was with danhov for 6 wks. We get the ring and it’s obviosly quite big still. I’m feeling super frustrated at this point and Jay continues to accuse me of losing weight (I haven’t budged a pound...if anything have gained!). We contact danhov directly about our frustrations and they agree to work with us directly. They send me a mock ring in a 4.5 to wear for a month or so. I do so and we agree on a TIGHT 4.75 to help clear my knuckle. Next problem we need to ship our ring back to danhov and we live in Canada. Couldn’t find a shipper to insure the ring, and customs was also an issue ...we have to ship ring back via Amour. So we drop our ring and the mock ring off at Amour Sept 20th and the girls assured me they were aware of the situation and it’d be shipped immediately....however only today did Jay call us stating he HASNT shipped the ring. He’s also adamant we should pay for the next remake etc and I’m adamant that we will not as I feel they clearly have not been aware of their products as danhov made it very clear for tension sets they send out mock rings to ensure proper fit (which was never suggested by Amour/jay). We’ve spent 10k on the original ring nvm the additional costs that we feel shouldn’t have been our responsibility especially if they knew their products. So sorry this is so long winded. Can someone provide us with guidance on dealing with this Jay? We’ve purchased jewelry at reputable places and I wear other rings with no issues, so I know my fingers aren’t wonky shaped etc. cursing in Canada...ready to take our diamond and split
  5. Ok we can reach out to Danhov once a stone is selected. Just worried/nervous about purchasing a diamond online. Thanks for all the tips!
  6. Thanks for the reply and tips on re-sizing. Any other companies that are known to do great on these style rings? We've researched niessing, kretchmer, gelin abaci ...are there a few others that'd be worth considering? We live in Canada which also makes this a bit more difficult to see/try on rings. Danhov does have an authorized retailer near us. whereS the above 3 do not. As for centre stone I've researched that it must be vs2 and above for clarity. We've been looking at 1ct, vvs2, vs1, D/E/F colours, ideal or excellent cut. Is it ok to purchase a loose diamond from online retailers like James Allen? Danhov suggested prime jeweler.com...thoughts on this company vs JA? Thanks!
  7. Ok we've narrowed down the style and want to choose a reputable company to do tension set. We both really like this voltaggio V137 design by Danhov. Thoughts on this ring and designer? http://www.danhov.com/tension-rings/v137
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