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  1. ixChris

    Acutions On Ebay

    Thanks a lot of your replies! I have a lot to think about now, I see.. Do you have any tips to get started as a Jeweler? and where to get started?
  2. ixChris

    Acutions On Ebay

    Hello, I'm new in this "Dimond world" I would really like to know a lot more about this.. For some days I have been watching auctions on ebay with jewelry.. I have bought a 18karat white gold ring with a topaz.. Like this one: http://www.icollector.com/Natural-2-CTW-Sky-Blue-Topaz-Halo-Diamond-Micro-Ring-Solitaire-Bridal-18K-White-Gold-21623-REF-_i24347191 I have bought if for 720Dollers.. The "Retail Replacement Value" says around 3,000$ so I hope to sell it for more when it comes to Denmark.. Is it even possible? Is it possible to make money by buying jewelry from Ebay auctions and resell it in Denmark on a new auction maybe.. Greetings from a newbie!