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  1. To clarify something that was pointed out Kora. You may have been confused by what I wrote in my last few posts. I did not mean to "point" you toward standard RB or the modified rounds. I just mean that I find both "appealing." I do like some of the modified rounds more than others (the solasfera, the star 121) I only was highlighting that the standard 57 round brilliant is very nice as well (not suggesting less nice) and you can't go wrong with any of them, as many people "like" all of these. But whether you like one, some, or none is your decision. And I don't think you can go wrong any way, or with a different shape entirely, your eyes dictate what you like.
  2. Flipping through my Amazon Prime subscription and seeing that movies lately have just been horrible.... Have had Netflix in the past. Was considering going back if shows were better. Meanwhile I find myself following shows like Outlander, 12 Monkeys, and Game of Thrones. Anyone else enjoy any of these? It's like TV is in a new golden age, and every movie seems to be a remake of some other movie.
  3. Everyone who is an advertiser on this forum has a 30 day return policy (at least), I think that is pretty much standard. B2CJewels, Zoara, James Allen, Enchanted Diamonds are a few that I can think off off hand that offer complementary returns. I would think that this only extends for up to one diamond however, and I am not sure if this only extends to shipping only or would also include insurance for the package.
  4. Message me, Davide. I don't think this is helpful for Kora at all. I'd even disagree with the term vested interest.
  5. You are inferring I am saying one is better than the other, which is simply not true. Nowhere did I say one WAS BETTER than the other. I even went as far as to say the Star 121 was "cool" looking to me, and I WOULD buy one. I only made mention of the common round because of the limited financial situation that I and the average shopper in this economy are subject to. There was no hidden agenda in my post, and once again, this post was made purely for informational purposes to illustrate what some of the other custom cuts look like. Where did I make mention establishing a bench mark for performance of what a round brilliant or any other diamond should look like? Was it because I said the round brilliant provides "solid" performance?" My comparison was simply based on some of the custom cuts I have seen in person in local stores, and through comparisons done on GOG of some of these custom cuts the standard round brilliant. Anyway Kora my apologies, my original intention was to just post some videos for your benefit, with no intention of creating any controversy detracting from assisting you. I couldn't find any videos comparing a Gassan but heres a few of the aforementioned cuts above vs a standard round brilliant. I think you'd agree that the standard RB doesn't seem to be lacking overall compared to the customs, but just provide another look.
  6. I am leaning toward ADN in this case. Something is not quite right about this stone. Mentions in the comments of Clouds and Surface graining, coupled with the VG in polish, and the fluorescence. Something is making this diamond look like this, and I am just not convinced it is an out of focus camera. After doing a quick search this diamond is the most inexpensive its class by a long shot at 8486. The next diamond in its class sells for 9033 at another discount dealer. With the mean price being around 9500 for other I SI1 Ex's. That being said, Blue Nile has excellent return policies, and at 8486, I would definitely take a look myself to see what it looks like in person. Worse case scenario, return it. Best case scenario, its nothing, and you just made out like a bandit with a well cut stone at an amazing price.
  7. I wouldn't say they are "way" better cut. Cut quality is more a function of precision and attention to detail, Gassan, Leo, Star 121, Solasfera diamonds Eighternity, etc, are just another way to cut a diamond. These modified round brilliant proprietary cuts take more time to manufacturer, and as more facets cut most likely = more time used up per diamond = more money for you an me. Most of these are cut to maximize the number of the number of facets in a diamond which is supposed to maximize brilliance. The Leo for example supposedly comes with Gem Ex light certifications that show they score high for light performance, however many experts have tested well cut standard 57 facet round and found they also scored just as well if not better than the Leo. However, some of the other cuts however like the Solasfera and Star 129 are praised even amongst experts as having great brilliance and scintillation. It should be noted that for some this extra brilliance may make the diamond appear "muddled" or might be "too much" if the diamond is not big enough to support the brilliance created by these virtual facets. Many experts recommend not pursuing these cuts unless you go with a bigger diamond size ( > 1.5 ct) because many note that the contrast patterning is drowned out. Good Old Gold in Massapequa, NY stocks some of these exotic round modified brilliant diamonds and the gentleman does a ton of videos comparing them with well cut round brilliants of near equivalent sizes, so you get an idea as to the flavor each diamond takes. Is it worth it? Maybe, I'd buy one in a large size if I can afford it just because they are unique. While many people may have a big diamond, how many can say they have a big, diamond cut into one of these patterns. People do buy them and are quite happy with them, so I'm sure its not all marketing hype. But for mere mortals like me who must count their pennies, a round brilliant provides solid performance, and maximizes your price/ct value. So everyone has different priorities. Here is a video the owner of Good Old Gold did of a couple modified rounds, (Star 129, Solasfera, Roberto Coin's Cento, Eighternity.) The Star 129 looks super cool to me. What do you think?
  8. Haha...that's as good excuse as any! I told the lady, she can get an upgrade at 15 years..ish.. And an anniversary band at 5-10ish.... Gotta use a bit of stick and carrot to keep them around.
  9. That's way too much diamond to be.50 ctw with that much melee and second band included. I can't really judge from the picture but the center looks to be 1/2 a ct
  10. I blame Skynet, soon Jewelry will be made for robots, and it'll all be over.
  11. Ack, get that puppy fixed, wouldn't want the stone to fall out
  12. 100% purchase price? If you were interested in anything else it may be worth taking advantage of. Doesn't specify anything like "Purchase needs to be double the value." I wouldn't let them know you had it until you had already negotiated for the price of your new piece though. Kinda the opposite of buying a new car and trading your old one in. They already said you'd get all of the original value back. The description however is a bit weird. .50 CTW then it lists center diamond, then says trio. Show a picture and put a reference like a MM ruler by the diamond, would help to clarify.
  13. Just took a look at the the search engine, pulled up a couple. That is quite alot off. Was getting ~750 ish for most internet retailers. His price for internet retail is at 878 Which is funny considering it has been pretty accurate at my searches from 1 to 2 cts. Discount margins he uses to calculate aren't right in this bracket. Would love to test a few examples to see how it fairs against rap, and where his calculator deviates the most. I'd think it would work better with rounds than it would fancies just do to more demand stabilizing prices a little. But I agree, demand isn't taken into account, stuff like fluorescence, cuts/sizes that are in less demand and therefore less salable just aren't taken into proper account. Not a perfect tool but it's at least it gets you in the ballpark, (Most of the time...definitely not this time) But all things considered, I'd still tell them to get bent at 150 to 300 considering it is a diamond and a ring. Although 600 i'd take if I was considering a quick sale.
  14. A thought my fiancee shares with you as well. She emphatically stresses that I WEAR the ring. Probably less for comfort and more to stake claim to what is hers.
  15. Yea I wouldn't wanna be stuck with that fee if they wanted the appraisal/assessment, which afterward they may back out of the sale. And seeing how you aren't selling for that much, i wouldn't pony up for that fee. If you have a cert i'd bring it with you and or appraisal i'd bring those with you, as selling something without papers tends to feel a bit dodgy, at least with my experience of having bought plenty of stuff on craigslist. Could help your case a bit. As for what the diamond alone may be worth, a quick search on a pricing guide (diamondpriceinfo.com) came up with this. Keep in mind I am assuming that the diamond you purchased has no certificate or in house certificate, as you indicated clarity and color ranges, that the cut is very good, and the diamond isn't shy of the .5 ct mark. You can go back and search for yourself if you have papers that indicate specifics as I am going off of worse case scenario. RealMarket Valueâ„¢ Report Report Date: 12 May, 2016 Shape: Princess Carat Weight: 0.50 Grading Report/Certificate: OTHER Clarity Grade: VS2 Color Grade: I Cut Grade: Very Good Width to Length Ratio: 1.00 Fluorescence: None Culet: None Girdle: Medium - Medium Depth: 61.0% Table: 57.00% Symmetry: Ideal/Excellent Polish: Ideal/Excellent Private Party Transaction Price: $746 Sell to Jeweler Price: $527 That being said that is for the diamond alone, assuming it is in undamaged condition. As for the mount itself I wouldn't expect to get anywhere near what you paid for it back, as most people don't want a "used" ring. Based on your description this was what I was able to find. A generic setting worth about $1600 https://enchanteddiamonds.com/rings/view/PV53-4W-S. As a personal anecdote I recently purchased a brand new, "used", blue nile piece from someone who canceled a wedding and never wore the piece worth about 1100 on their website for 350, and only considered it because it was in new condition and it was the exact same band my SO wanted. So you can expect a massive hit on the band as well. Could you sell your ring for more, maybe but it depends on how good you are at selling things. Ebay has seller fees, and other specialty sites for this sort of thing (IDoNowIDon't). You will probably get the highest price off of craigslist since you don't have to pay any fees. I've sold plenty of stuff, some of it for more or just as much as I bought it for. But i've dealt with plenty of characters in the process. Last minute extreme lowballers, people who didn't show etc. But key word is documentation, great pictures and good old fashioned salesmanship to maximize selling price and without it you'll have a pretty hard time. A bit of polish wont hurt either. But for the jeweler who wanted to buy your ring for 125 to 300, i'd tell them to get bent.
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