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  1. Their selling proposition seems to be a willingness to include 3rd party sales commission sales sites between them and the buyer so that the final buyer doesn't know who they're really shopping with. This is decently common in some other industries and a modified version of it is typical with diamonds, but usually with diamonds the retailer is doing SOMETHING to earn their money beyond putting up a website. I can see why dealers might like this but I'm hard pressed to think of why anyone as a consumer would want to be involved. No, I don't know any other jewelers who offer it. There are some large wholesale jewelry supply houses, like Stuller.com, that come close in that they'll do all of the back room sort of work for a jeweler, but I'm pretty sure the jeweler still has to receive and inspect the merchandise first, before it gets shipped to you. Thank you so much Denver! I am right down the mountain from you here in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Ha!
  2. I would like to buy from a dropshipper, a reputable one.
  3. Thank you so much David! You said "Why the question"...is that rhetorical or are you actually asking me why I asked? I was a bit confused Does anyone know of Richard Cannon and their legitimacy, etc? I definitely would love to be in touch with someone in Ramat Gan, Israel if anyone knows which I am guessing is a stupid question to ask here, ha! Thanks in advance.
  4. Is there a reputable source or provider, and if so, who? I am also new to this but I know a very successful Diamond Jeweller in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I respect him too much to beg him for this info as he is always busy. Thanks in advance! --Sam
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