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  1. One of my thoughts as well...plus I believe JM increases their premium for inflation. Thank you for your posts, they have certainly given me additional information to consider.
  2. This is very helpful, thank you! My concern about a rider is that I have heard that insurance companies can dictate where I get my replacement ring from (in the event I need to file a claim) and that if they do replace my diamond it won't be of the same quality/craftsmanship. Have you had any experience in this regard?
  3. I just got my engagement ring and now I'm looking to insure it. My question is, what price do I insure it for....the price I paid or the appraisal (which is several thousand more than I paid and has 5 years of inflation built into it...not sure why they did that other than perhaps to make me feel better about my purchase price). If I use the appraisal, I will be paying an extra $83 a year. I'm also wondering if it is worth getting an independent appraisal done (although FI doesn't want to spend anymore $ in regards to the ring) or just suck it up and pay the additional $83 a year. The appraisal I have now was done by the jeweler I purchased my ring from and has a sarin/aset/h&a, etc. I would appreciate any thoughts/guidance in this regard. Also, anyone have any thoughts about Jewelers Mutual? Or have a better recommendation? Thanks so much!
  4. Very helpful - thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge on the subject.
  5. Are these things that an independent appraiser looks for or do I need to ask them to do this? I was under the impression that the appraisal was to establish simply the cost for insurance purposes. And what if an appraiser does find one of these issues, such as tool marks? Would your return to the original jeweler? One of my fears would be that in an attempt to fix something it comes out worse or with another "scratch."
  6. You have all given me some great info. to process. thank you!!
  7. No, its not a very clear picture (from a printer) plus you have to turn the ring a certain way to see the scratches as the head is a type of "V" I understand what you are saying about an independent appraisal......but what if the seller has a good reputation?
  8. What would they be if not scratches? The appraisal was done by the place I purchased the ring from. It appeared to be an extensive appraisal along with sarin, asset, gia report, hearts and arrows pics and a pic of the ring.
  9. It wasn't well polished when I picked it up. It was busy the day I picked it up so perhaps that was part of the problem. I didn't notice the scratches until I got home and really got a chance to look at it out of the box. I do understand that normal wear and tear will happen but what bothers me is that it is a brand new ring that I picked up this way. Thanks for your input, I am going to go back to them and nicely ask them to address the scratches.
  10. I had the setting custom made and they were really great to work with so I don't believe it was crappy craftsmanship. I'm glad to hear it it easy to fix. Thanks for your input.
  11. Ok so I just picked up my engagement ring on Saturday and I absolutely love it. I got a channel setting with a simple 4 prong head. However, upon getting it home, I've noticed several small scratches on the head (perhaps from when they were setting the diamond?) and a small scratch on the shank. I want to go back to the jeweler and ask them to fix the scratches. Am I being too perfectionistic?
  12. Hello everyone! So, as it turns out, the jeweler had a third 1.3 for me to look at and out of the 3 I ended up choosing this one (I have it on hold): http://www.goodoldgold.com/ecommerce/1.3ct-h-vs2-platinum-select-round-ideal-diamond.html So, how did I do? I know the table is a bit larger than "recommended" but the asset looks solid so I felt it wasn't an issue. Thanks again to everyone who helped me learn how to choose an optimal performer!!
  13. Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated - and good point!!
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