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  1. Hi all, sorry for my English. I am trying to help my sister deciding on a ring. Her budget is no more than 8000$ (incl the setting). She will be buying it online through BlueNile. Could you please me what do you think on these diamonds? She likes bigger diamonds and she is willing to go lower on color as long as it is not really visible. https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16145271 https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16145160 https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16475268 https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16993595 (this one I personally like the most) https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16764034 https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD17073169 We'd appreciate all the help we could get. If you have anything else to suggest, kindly do so. Thank you all so much
  2. Dear all what do you think of this SI2 diamond? Would it be eye-clean? (additional pinpoints not shown)
  3. Thank you all for your advice BlueNile includes VAT and taxes and offers free shipment to Greece (they ship from Ireland) and so far has the best prices. I have also set my eyes on this diamond Its a 1.19/E/SI1 3x GIA carat Do you think it is eye-clean?
  4. You are right about fluorescence. Noone has ever mentioned it here in Greece and we've been to quite a few jewellery stores. I first read about it on the internet. Thank you all for your insights, still haven't decided on the diamond yet. The only sure thing is that we will be buying from online vendors. To give you an idea on the prices we have been offered: 1) 1.23 J, SI1, HRD , round diamond at $18000, 2) 1.05, G round, SI1 GIA $9500 3)1,3 G, VS2 ,GIA, round 14500$ these are crazy, right?
  5. Thank you David for your input No matter how much I've read I still cannot fully understand the concept of fluorescence and still cannot determine whether it is a bad attribute or not. I guess it's a matter of taste Nevertheless would you recommend an H color diamond??
  6. Hi there Im a newbie and my fiancee and I have been looking for an engagement ring for the past few months. Diamonds in Greece are way too expensive and so we are looking to buy one online. I am interested in a round diamond in white gold 18k in solitaire and I was thinking about the following. http://www.bluenile.com/uk/diamond-details/LD06381815?track=Detlink1 Carat weight 1.27 Shape Round Cutïš Ideal Colourïš H Clarityïš VS2 Length/width ratioïš 1.00 Depth %ïš 61.3% Table %ïš 58.0% Polishïš Excellent Symmetryïš Excellent Girdleïš Medium Culetïš None Fluorescenceïš Strong Measurements 6.97 x 6.95 x 4.27 mm The only thing I am worried is the H color What do you think?? Thank you for your help
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