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  1. Hey I didn't put up any link of the site. I just mentioned that and I totally agree with you that there are lots of site. My friend suggested me this site. Thats why I came through this site.
  2. There are more options than I can count... which is part of the problem. The other part is that without knowing what you actually like about (for example) the site you initially posted about, it's very difficult to even begin to narrow the field. There is no "one best platform". People look for different things when shopping, and this is why both Van Cleef & Arpels and B2C (and everything else in between) survive and prosper. Design is only one aspect of that: people shop also on price and financing, quality of manufacturing, level of service and assistance, brand reputation and positioning, sourcing of materials, location and convenience, availability and timing, personal chemistry with the human (or machine) on the other side and probably half a dozen other things that don't come to mind at the moment. Again, without knowing what you are looking for, it's not possible to advise. Thanks a lot dear but I am still confused.
  3. Yes Dear, I am new to this forum. While searching for my diamond ring I found this and put message for help. Can you help me choosing one best online platform for diamond rings?
  4. I like their listed rings. If you have more options than please let me know. I'll check out that also.
  5. Hey Friends I want t purchase a diamond ring and I found one site i.e. https://www.eternitybyyoni.com/ to purchase Diamond Ring. Can anybody help me? Please tell me about the website? its it worth to purchase from here? This site has awesome collection. Should I purchase my ring from here?
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