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  1. ADN

    Advice Please !

    G'day Nazzri I won't comment on the ring/diamond, but regarding the price, just be aware that if you bring diamond set jewellery into the country, it will be subject to 10% GST + 5% duty + customs processing fees (about AUD$150). So be sure that you factor those additional costs into your budget. Hope this helps
  2. ADN

    Is this SI2?

    Hey mate - unfortunately there are quite a few big black centre inclusions out there. This pic is a similar carat weight to yours - same colour - same GIA SI2 clarity grade. As you can see, it's a fairly big black table inclusion. If it is an inclusion in yours, you should have been made aware before purchasing. If yours is a similar inclusion, ask yourself a few questions: Will you (she) care? - Many people actually don't care as long as it doesn't detract from the overall beauty of the ring. Did you over pay? - look around to see what else you could get for the same money (make sure you're comparing apples-with-apples) Or was it priced really 'cheap' compared to other similar diamonds and you thought you were getting a 'bargain'? - there are plenty of nice SI2s out there, so if this one was way 'cheaper', maybe you got exactly what you paid for. What does the vendor have to say? Was this pointed out to you pre-sale? - Most legit retailers would make sure you were aware before buying, as this is exactly the sort of thing that has customers marching back into the shop soon after purchasing Good luck - hope this helps
  3. ADN

    What do you think of this diamond?

    Hey mate - I think it's a pretty nice stone overall. The main clarity grade setting inclusion is that one you mentioned - even though it's under the table, it's fairly soft - I wouldn't be too stressed about it - as Davide mentioned, I think you'll struggle to see it in real life. As far as SI2s go, in my opinion this one's pretty schmick. It's a bit deep for my personal taste - I tend to like a stone sitting around 60% for depth. You want to look for a nice table/depth combination - but I look at many other aspects first and never eliminate stones based just on table/depth combos. That's the beauty of fancy shapes...there is no one 'best' cut - it's all about personal aesthetic preference. So if you like the way it looks in the video, and you can live with the colour/clarity/make & price, go for it. Hope this helps
  4. ADN

    GIA Certification from London

    Hey mate - welcome to the forum. Seems like a bit of hard work that you shouldn't really have to do yourself... Is there something special about this diamond? Do you have to purchase this particular diamond for some reason (or have you purchased it already)? What are the specs of the diamond? I'd recommend asking why it isn't certified? And if you really want it done (and they really want to make the sale), it wouldn't be too hard/expensive for them to organise a GIA report to be completed.
  5. Hey mate They're both really lovely diamonds and I don't think you'd go wrong with either one. With the IS pics, don't forget that camera/lighting/how the diamond is sitting/etc. play a big role in how the image looks. I'd personally go with number 2 because I like a table that's slightly smaller than 59% - I like a bit more total depth than 60% - and I like a crown thats a bit steeper than 33.5 (however some might say that 36.5 is too steep). But again, I'm just being pedantic...they are both nice diamonds so choose whichever you like. Hope this helps
  6. Hey mate - - this is just nonsense and tells me that whoever you're dealing with clearly doesn't have a clue and is just making stuff up. Big claims demand big I'd be asking them to prove that statement. What's more likely (as Davide touched on), is that in todays market, where astute consumers are recognising that they can get a diamond of the same quality (and often better ) without having to pay a 'brand premium' of double/triple, they've likely been sitting on this diamond for years without being able to sell it because it's simply been priced out of the market when people are able to now compare like-with-like. Lots of businesses have 'old' diamonds/certs sitting in the safe - - this doesn't make them better or worse. It just means that for whatever reason they haven't been able to sell the item until now (priced too expensive/out of style/replacement costs too high/no demand/etc). And like any other retail business, I'm sure these guys want to move the older stock first where possible to clear up the money they have tied up in holding that stock. This doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the actual diamond itself. So for what it's worth, I'm sure the stone/cert is fine and it is what it is. But like the others have mentioned, I'd take it to a good appraiser to make sure that there hasn't been any damage which may have changed the grade (especially if it's had years of being handled by staff/customers). Hope this helps.
  7. ADN

    Advice required on princess cut diamonds

    Hey m8 "Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm buying an engagement ring for my girlfriend and am very confused about advice received on diamonds from a local jewelry salesperson (in Australia)." For what it's worth, if you're asking a local jeweller here in Aus about some diamonds that you found online, then be prepared to take their remarks with a grain of salt.... Like Furqan said, unless they've done a bit of research about American online retailers which use AGS to spruik their brand/cut, most people here haven't heard of AGS...but don't be put off by that if you find a stone you like. Option 1 - I'm not a fan of black centre inclusions - you should be able to get a better SI1 than that Option 2 - nice stone - - bit hard to tell in this video, but looks like main grade setting inclusions are a clear inclusion under the table and another clear inclusion near the girdle at the bottom. Total depth is 75.7%...personally I like a total depth of about 70-73%...but that's just being pedantic Option 3 - nice stone - - safe clarity grade, but you need to decide if 2 colour grades up is worth the extra cost to you? Like Davide said, and I colour will face up nice and white in this size and with a nice make. Option 4 - nice stone - - as above, is it worth paying more for a VS1 when you can get a nice SI1/VS2? Also, they're all much-of-a-muchness in mm size, so you're not gaining any real benefit for mm face-up size by going up a bit in carat weight - - the only real benefit of hitting the 0.80ct mark is bragging rights...which to some isn't an insignificant thing...I've never heard a women yet say "that diamond's too big"... Overall, I have to agree with Davide, if you don't mind paying a bit more, I'd go for safe option 3. Ultimately, with Princess cuts (or any diamond really), it's about what is aesthetically pleasing to you (or more importantly her). For example, Neil said he likes small tables and high crowns...I prefer slightly larger tables. As you can see, there is no 'one size fits all' go with what you like, what you think she'll like, and what you can afford. Hope this helps
  8. ADN

    Idealscope comparison

    Thanks mate
  9. ADN

    Idealscope comparison

    Hi Firsttimemike - - I think you'd struggle to notice much difference between 1 & 2 in real life when not looking at magnified images...and I'm not opposed to saving money my vote goes with #1 Good luck
  10. ADN

    Which to buy?

    Hi npana - I agree with Davide - - drop down a bit in colour as you're not likely to notice the difference, and go a bit better in clarity - - then there won't be any issues with buying sight-unseen. Good luck Hope this helps.
  11. ADN

    Advice needed to purchase a SI2 diamond

    Hi poster (and hi to everyone else ...sorry for the long absence...hope I can get back into contributing to all of your wonderful posts...) For what it's worth, I like this stone - it's got allot going for it. Its got a great cut / colour is top end / inclusion is a colourless crystal and off to the side / it's a hard carat size to come by / IGI cert makes it a bit cheaper / I'm thinking that you'd have to look pretty hard to see anything once you had it in a ring / etc. I'd take a chance. And as denverappraiser can always hold them to their return policy if you get it and you're not happy. Hope this helps - good luck
  12. ADN

    Opinion On Rock

    It's not that far off square - it's a very pleasant face up shape. Value for money I'd go with the G and you can use the savings for something else. Good luck
  13. ADN

    Need A Rock For Valentine's Day

    Hey mate - it's a bit tough to say from the little info you've provided - - do you have certificate numbers / images / links / etc.? Cheers
  14. I'm thinking that your 'highly rated' local jeweller is using every 'cliche' in the retail sales book to try and convince (scare) you into forgetting about buying online, and instead purchase something from them... In reply to what you've been told: - GIA grade all around the world pretty consistently - I can't comment on JA ring quality...but remember the source that said this (someone trying to get your business ) - fluoro...i'd question their knowledge on diamonds if this is what they're telling you - price - for USD6.5k (stone cost), you're still within the realm of what you originally wanted...if you buy online Hope this helps
  15. Hey mate With your budget you'd be able to get something in the size you want that's a bit better colour / still eye clean / nice make / etc. - - i'd look at shifting your search parameters to H/I colour VS2/SI1 clarity. Regarding the HCA...take the online 'advice' you get with a grain of salt (...yes even ours ). Even with all its disclaimers clearly visible, many people still unwisely place significant weight on a HCA score because they've read it on a forum. While it is useful in a very basic/limited capacity, to consider it the be-all-end-all when buying diamonds is a bit naïve as there are so many other factors at play which determine a diamonds light performance. After all of that...If you're set on one of these, I'd go with the VVS - I agree with the others, those are a couple of pretty heavy black inclusions right in the middle of the table. Hope this helps