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    Jewelry making, Photography and when season comes, hunting.

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  1. Marriage was created to sell diamonds to women - There! Now it's definitely related to this forum
  2. It all depends but the main reason for ppl to get married should be if you want kids or not. If you aren't all uppity about kids then why get married at all? Marriage means you are now ready to start a family. Family means kids. If you don't want them, don't get married. Enjoy calling each other BF and GF
  3. Sorry denverappraiser you're right - - - I wasn't talking about the little 3d desktop models that only make a wax - blingonme, I reckon this could possibly be the future... http://www.cooksongold-emanufacturing.com/products-precious-m080.php Right on guys. Thanks for sharing! The future looks exciting indeed
  4. I couldn't agree with you more sir. Thanks for sharing. Now I don't feel like I'm getting old or anything. Somethings are just best left the way they are. Hehe.
  5. Now I myself am an old fashioned guy so maybe I'm being bias here . . . However, is it really possible to get a proper design actually made in this machine called the '3d Printer'. Looks like they are breaking the basic business rules. I mean what's next? Firing my employees?They do offer this special 'jewellery' filament. Which can make things in gold or silver. Hopefully I'll have my invoice for it. https://www.ordsolutions.com/hips/ Does anyone here have knowledge on this. Looks great but I just recently started teaching my son about the skills and dexterity that is required to make even a 'pre-design' for a simple engagement ring. Heck I would even love to make my own digital multitrack recorder. Has anyone here heard of this '3d printing' jewelry design or music instrument making machines? Love to use this technology for movie makeup or making film-related jewelry. I think actors would just love them.
  6. blingonme

    Help! :)

    Yeah bud. Please share some pics. Love to check them out and give you a proper answer. Cheers!
  7. That looks awesome! Congratulations!
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