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  1. No, but from my understanding it is quite difficult to tell something about a stone just from a normal picture... I would go to a local store for that.
  2. Thanks a lot you both. I'll do a little more research and go for a harder stone (mixed with diamond on a setting) as suggested by davidelevi then. Thanks again, if I get any other questions I'll come back here
  3. Favorable to the durability. If the stone is too soft and wears out too fast then I could change my mind and go for something else.
  4. What if only the side / smaller stones were to be larimar? Would it make the stone have a longer durability? Is there any favorable setting on this occasion?
  5. Hello friends, What do you think about an exotic ring setting? I would like to mix larimar and diamond on a proposal ring for my dear one. I intend to propose to her on a trip that we are planning to make to the Dominican Republic. (I gave her a few jewelleries from www.larimar.com, and she loves it, so it won't be completely out of the blue) What are my options? What types of settings could I use? Larimar should be just the secondary stone, right? Thanks for your time, David
  6. Lol, why do ppl ask it online.
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