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    Opinion On A Diamond I'm Looking At

    Hi mate, Thanks for taking the time to look into this, first one was on bluenile for just under6k AUD and second one is off james allen for $6196 AUD Any website that you would recommend, the local shops here are rubbish they sell u a 1 carat I I1/I2 for 7k with setting, if you went SI2 looking at 9k, and SI 1 13k with setting in the colour range GHI Cheers,
  2. Wendel Dsouza

    Opinion On A Diamond I'm Looking At

    Ok so found another 1, which of the two would you recommend both have a good hca score, GIA 6202511060 Any feedback on this please...much appreciated
  3. Wendel Dsouza

    Opinion On A Diamond I'm Looking At

    thanks for the reply mate...appreciate it, buying diamonds online i guess sometimes you need a bit of luck. I will try and contact blue nile to see if they can enlighten any more info about this diamond. What are your thoughts about buying diamonds online, these days when you go to the shop in Perth really there isnt much on display and the ones that are there are pretty expensive or poor grade and they charge you a fair bit for it
  4. G'day guys from Australia, Firstly the stronger US dollar is killing us especially when it comes to buying diamonds,2 years ago as compared to now in Australia it's probably going to be 20% more expensive, anyways such is life. I am looking at an engagement ring, budget for diamond is $4600US or $6000AUD, been looking at blue Nile and hca for the light fire etc score and trying to understand geometries etc, in the shop colour wise I couldn't tell the difference between an I and a F of the same clarity so I feel like I can go down to a I when it comes to a colour however when it comes to clarity I notice you can see a fair bit of the inclusions with the naked eye so I have decided to sit around the SI1 mark or better, when it comes to inclusions and looking at inclusion I feel the major inclusion I don't want to see a cavity or a pepper (black dot), what do you guys think about crystal, they are coloured however some people claim you can't see them easily is this true other common inclusions in a SI1 are needles, cloud and twinning things, I feel like if the table or centre is clean you'll get the whole sparking thing going assuming you have a good crown and pav angle or a score lower than 2 on HCA?? So I have spent a fair bit of time researching so I'm looking for a brilliant round 1 carat SI1 or better with 3 ex and none to medium fluorescence, table to be greater than depth as well, I have come across one nice diamond can someone shine light on the inclusion with this diamond please, it looks good to me however just want to get some opinions on this, this particular diamond had a great score on hca and ticks most boxes, so any comments on the inclusions please GCA 7208171596 Cheers Del