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  1. Agreed. Think of something that is sentimental and romantic. Put your own spin on it and be creative like Brian mentioned. I've heard of a couple who loved scuba diving and the guy proposed under water, I thought that was very cool! (especially since I'm a diver) Here's the link to the scuba diving proposal (along with a few others). Maybe this will inspire someone! http://www.titanium-jewelry.com/super-cool-proposal-stories.html
  2. I agree totally with davidelevi. Before you buy a black diamond, or any diamond, you should educate yourself. Here's an indepth article about black diamonds you may want to read: http://www.yatesjewelers.com/what-are-black-diamonds.html If you have any questions please post and we can answer them for you!
  3. Just ran across this discussion. For lots more info on black diamonds you might want to read this artilce I wrote. Packed lots of info in it. http://bit.ly/1IVNV6C
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