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    "ethical" Diamonds

    As I continue in my search for a ring, I have come across the popular topic of conflict or ethical diamonds and came across brilliant earth. I found a great post here by Neil I believe that said avoiding diamonds all together in Africa doesn't help them either. Honestly I would rather buy a diamond from Africa if I knew that generally overall the diamond trade helps them. People there could really use any money they could get. Since most of the posts I found were a few years old or older, I would love to hear from any experts out there. What is your opinion of the best thing to do on that matter? Just buy a diamond from any reputable dealer? Or is buying a diamond from brilliant earth from Africa going to be better?
  2. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky?

    Thanks again. I plan on doing some shopping and checking out a few diamonds in person. That will help me see some differences like color, size etc. I think only having kay's and zales around can make it tricky since their grading is apparantely different than gia etc. ANyways, I look forward to seeing some different stones in person.
  3. johndeere

    Newbie Needs Help, Tolkowsky.

    I recently started a similar thread, and have found that for less money I can buy a diamond online of far better quality. Whiteflash is a great site in that they have images of all the diamonds. Even if you don't purchase there, it will help you see some differences by looking at the photos along with the grades etc.
  4. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky?

    I'll probably end up going with option 2 or 3 to hopefully get a nice stone. I know it's all preference, but I have been looking at whiteflash a lot as they have nice photos. They have some diamonds that are "a cut above". It seems like whatever my budget ends up I will be looking at choices such as this, what would you recommend? A diamond of better color slightly smaller size, or a full ct. but something like I color? Would non diamond experts like myself and my wife be able to see much difference? thanks again for all your help, I appreciate you taking so much time. I checked out your link but didn't see any diamonds in my price range etc.
  5. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky? according to this, leos are cut a way that they have a smaller diameter than other stones like tolkowsky. I've nixed both as possible candidates but thought someone else searching the same thing might find that interesting. So, in my first post I thought the tolkowsky was cut bigger, in actuality it was the leo was smaller.
  6. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky?

    Sorry, didn't realize it was different shapes in the first link. Well, I've done a lot of research today and learned more than ever on diamonds in one day. I'm still pretty clueless though haha. I'm thinking that the tolkowsky wasn't actually bigger than an average ct. stone, perhaps the leo was a little smaller or smaller in actual ct. rating as well. I've been looking at dimensions for different stones on other sites against tolkowsky and they are all similar. I have been finding that the diamonds online seem to be of much higher quality. The ones I saw in person at kay's were graded gsi however. Like mentioned above I believe the difference is gsi vs gia since the numbers can all be the same. For instance, the tolkowsky I looked at under magnification had a rather large whatever you call it right on the top. The diamonds I've looked at at whiteflash don't have them on the same grade levels. I'm wondering now, how much on average does the gsi grade differ from gia? Do they seem to go one step higher etc. on average? I'm sure it varies from diamond to diamond, but I was wondering if you could point me to what diamonds there are that would be on the same level as the tolkowsky here, I am pretty sure this stone is very similar to the one I saw in store. Since this is for our anniversary and we have kids and all now, I would rather find a diamond on this level that I liked in person than pay the same amount for a diamond that is much much better. (if that makes sense) In other words, can you point me to a diamond that would be similar in real life to the one above?
  7. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky?

    one other question if I haven't already asked enough. What are the dimensions stand for? For example: 6.49*6.44*3.97 mm
  8. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky?

    I found some tolkowsky stones at jared which is the same as kay's. I think that will give you some answers as far as the table and dimensions. Here is a link to a few:,round&Nic=null Going by the above link, maybe you can tell me if the tolkowsky are actually wider in diameter etc than a diamond I would find elsewhere. Maybe the leos are narrower so I was thinkint tolkowsky are wider but in actuality it was just the leos being smaller in diameter. Confusing! After that, I tried to compare 2 stones that were almost identical. The one found through this site is vastly cheaper! I'm pretty sure I'm comparing apples to apples with these 2 and if I were to buy one like the link at diamondreview it would look a lot like the tolkowsky. If I am wrong please let me know. Thanks again for taking time to show me things.
  9. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky?

    thanks for the link, that's impressive! I guess my main question is, is there a common way to find a diamond of the same ct. that looks wider or is wider? You were correct, I was talking about table above. When compared side by side, the tolkowsky did have a wider table comparitive to it's size. Also though, the tolkowsky was definitely wider in diamater than the leo as we compared side by side. The tolkowsky was a wider diamond and looked quite a bit bigger. So either the tolkowsky is just cut different than other diamonds in the store, or it's cut different than diamonds found anywhere, online too. I'm just trying to figure that out.
  10. johndeere

    What Diamond Would Be Equal To Kay's Tolkowsky?

    Thanks for the reply. She likes the look of the diamond primarily. We compared it next to a leo and it is wider. At first we thought it just appeared larger, but it is actually wider. She likes how the smooth top of the diamond is wider than other diamonds of 1 ct. Sorry I don't know the terms of diamonds! Is this just because the tolkowsky brand is an ideal cut? Would that mean that any diamond which is ideal cut would appear wider on top than one that isnt an ideal cut? SOrry if my terms don't make sense, please let me know if I can't be understood haha. It was a year or two ago that she and I were looking around for fun. I was thinking of surprising her with one for our anniversary. I still like the tolkowsky and I looked at one this week, but after looking online I have read that I could possibly get the same thing with saving a good amount of money.
  11. I am looking to purchase a ring down the road and my wife loves the tolkowsky round solitaire. They are priced at 8500, HI in color and SI1 or SI2 depending on the one you find I guess. I started looking at whiteflash and similar sites, but I don't know what ecactly would compare there. They have "ideal" and "signature ideal" diamonds. I'm jut not very eduacted yet. Can anyone point me to a ring that would be comparable to the tolkowsky? Would it appear wider or is that something unique to kay's tolkowsky?