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  1. Thank you davidelevi and georgeDI for all your help here in helping me find the right diamond and setting. Here is some pictures of my new ring
  2. Thank you I will check that site out, I mean keeping the same style of side diamond settings as my current ring but changing the claw/prong to a different style
  3. Thanks anyway Davide 😂 What is the best way online to search for diamond engagement ring designs, for example is there a encyclopedia of designs/claw settings etc? I have just been doing google searches and I found this design that I like, I want the side stones to match my current wedding and eternity ring, I'm just looking at changing the claw/prong setting
  4. Hi I have got my diamond now thanks for your help in helping me decide on the diamond Can anyone recommend any good diamond setters in Sydney Australia? Here is a picture of my new diamond next to my old diamond My new one is a GIA 1.52 VS1 F Colour and my old diamond is approx a .70 but not sure of the specs as it's an old family diamond
  5. Ok I've put a deposit down on this diamond! http://www.gia.edu/otmm_wcs_int/proxy-pdf/?ReportNumber=2165271290&url=https://myapps.gia.edu/RptChkClient/reportClient.do?ReportNumber=3936839688BF6FBA6CC86757E2745E6Bd Wish me luck it takes about 7 days to order
  6. Thanks I'm probably one of those silly buyers pushing the prices up, I'll keep that it mind thanks!
  7. "Although the GIA specifically claims that there are no sets of proportions that are "Ideal" Diamond Ideals obviously disagrees. Finding a GIA triple excellent and using a Hearts & Arrows scope can considerably narrow the field. Also insist on seeing pictures of the diamonds to make sure you are getting a great performing diamond." Hi George I got the above information from your website, are any of the diamonds I'm looking at ideal? With your diamonds do you post to sydney Australia? If so are you able to let me know what best diamonds you have with what I'm looking for? Bearing in mind the exchange rate and the fact I have to pay 10% GST to our government, so total cost $21k and under I also saw that your family has set up cutting factories in Antwerp, my friend is on holiday in Europe at the moment and will be in Antwerp in a few weeks to buy a diamond, do you have a place there I can recommend to her? She is also looking at around a 1.5 but probably a cushion or Assher cut
  8. Ok thanks George I've sent them a message asking then for the best price on those 3 diamonds, I'll let you know what they say when they reply This is my ring atm with a .70 I'm planning on keeping the same style, maybe changing the style of mount
  9. Also being a GIA certified diamond with good colour (f) pretty good clarity VS1 , no fluorescence and triple x Hypothetically what could be wrong with it that I wouldn't like it when I saw in in person? Thank you
  10. Thanks George Yes I'm talking AUD and with those prices on the diamond finder I would also need to add our sales tax of 10% GST and of course convert them into AUD The lady has given me a list of available diamonds, I had a look and choose the one I asked about above as it didn't seem to have any inclusions in the table part of the diamond, but I'm not a diamond expert so I'm not sure which is best are you able to see which one you'd prefer out of the below list please? Sorry I don't know why the links aren't coming upblue, so you can just click on them http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?pagename=GST%2FDispatcher&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&c=Page&cid=1355954554547&reportno=2155448732 http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?pagename=GST%2FDispatcher&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&c=Page&cid=1355954554547&reportno=2161334184 http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?pagename=GST%2FDispatcher&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&c=Page&cid=1355954554547&reportno=2161149053 http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?pagename=GST%2FDispatcher&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&c=Page&cid=1355954554547&reportno=2165271290 http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?pagename=GST%2FDispatcher&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&c=Page&cid=1355954554547&reportno=2176788848
  11. Hi I live in sydney Australia and I am looking to upgrade my .7 diamond to a diamond around 1.5 in size I have found one diamond dealer that is considerably cheaper than another approx by $4000 (on same size, colour, clarity etc) the only thing is they don't stock the diamonds they are in Hong Kong, so I would be buying sight unseen. Is it ok to get a diamond from there? They take credit card so I should be covered with my purchase, are you please able to check out the gia certificate and let me know about the inclusions? I am not sure about the indented natural and what that is I haven't got a price yet on this diamond but I'm guessing around $19-$20k Thanks so much The gia certificate number is 2165271290 http://www.gia.edu/otmm_wcs_int/proxy-pdf/?ReportNumber=2165271290&url=https://myapps.gia.edu/RptChkClient/reportClient.do?ReportNumber=3936839688BF6FBA6CC86757E2745E6B
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