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    Which One Is Better?

    The one I bought will need some careful inspection using the magnifying glass to see the two feather....so I will assume the price will be higher
  2. wccn

    Which One Is Better?

    Just out of curiosity... May I know such kind of loose diamond of color G, SI2 , 3 EX , None, ~1.0x carat will cost how much normally in USD?
  3. wccn

    Which One Is Better?

    Thanks a lot man! I finally buy Rock 1 after seeing it in person...
  4. wccn

    Which One Is Better?

    Thanks, How about compare to another rock 3 : GIA = 2161096068 H, SI1, 1.02 car, 3EX, none Rock 3 is a little bit more expensive than rock 1 (GIA = 6175397525) Rock 3 looks not so clear than Rock 1 and is one color lower than rock 1. The cutting of rock 1 and rock 3 seem to be nearly the same....
  5. wccn

    Which One Is Better?

    Rock 1 GIA = 6175397525 (Measurements 6.46 - 6.49 x 4.02 mm) Rock 2 GIA = 6162545769 (Measurements 6.54 - 6.58 x 3.97 mm) Both are G, SI2, 3 EX + None and 1.03 carat Will Rock 2 looks like larger? Rick 2 price is cheaper than rock 1. Is that rock a value buy?
  6. I see one SI2 diamond with a cavity... will this has any structure issue or durability issue? say the diamond will break after some years? example: GIA = 2176230480